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Welcome To The Age of Microservices
and Serverless Technologies

Cloud-Native From the Ground Up

Being cloud-native means your analytics platform always leverages the best technologies your cloud provider has to offer, allowing you to create cutting-edge applications to power your business and leapfrog your competition. Cloud native is a lot more than just being “hosted in the cloud,” it’s a whole new way of deploying, managing and administering analytics inside your company or your software.

Qrvey was built from the ground up to provide AWS analytics solutions that leverage the very best technology AWS has to offer.


Qrvey’s AWS Analytics Solution Architecture Overview

Qrvey provides it’s AWS analytics solution using dozens of AWS microservices and components to deliver an innovative platform unlike any other AWS analytics solution on the market today. Other solutions may claim to be “in the cloud,” but only Qrvey is 100% cloud-native and serverless to provide a fast, flexible and scalable solution that is also cost efficient and easy to deploy and manage. 


Qrvey Offers…

SECURE Deployments In Your Environment

Using AWS CloudFormation, Qrvey’s analytics platform automatically coordinates the deployment of the dozens of AWS services needed to run its AWS analytics solution from inside your existing AWS environment. This greatly simplifies administration and centralizes management functions. And with Qrvey, your data never leaves your own environment, streamlining data security and compliance requirements.

SCALABLE with 100% Auto-Scaling Microservices

Using a unique microservices-based framework, Qrvey has engineered an AWS analytics solution that will always be fast, available and resilient, ensuring your analytics teams never miss a beat and insights flow at the speed of your data. As your needs data and analytics needs expand, Qrvey automatically scales to meet demand while always minimizing costs.

COST-EFFECTIVE Using Serverless Functions

Using AWS Lamba, Qrvey’s platform only uses resources when your users need them, allowing the system to scale instantly to changing conditions. No more paying for servers that sit idle the majority of the time. Qrvey dramatically reduces your total cost of ownership compared to legacy, server-based solutions.

ZERO-DOWNTIME Version Updates

Qrvey uses AWS Code Deploy to make the process of updating software a seamless experience. When a new version is ready for deployment, you will be alerted, giving you the freedom to schedule the update on your time. And since Qrvey is SDLC compliant, every update can be thoroughly tested in your development and staging environments before pushing live. Updating with Qrvey is always a zero-hassle, zero-downtime process.


By deploying directly to your existing AWS environment, your dev-ops teams can integrate Qrvey seamlessly into your SDLC. Stand up instances in your production, staging, development and disaster recovery environments while supporting embedded analytics use cases.

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What Qrvey Offers

  • All data accepted — even dark data like images and video!
  • Automation, workflows, AI and machine learning
  • An advanced, cloud-native architecture that auto-scales to your needs
  • Business-friendly, flexible licensing

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