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The Right Architecture Is A LOT
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A Unique Deployment Model

Only Qrvey gives you the best of the cloud, deployed right into your existing AWS account

The Best of the Cloud

Qrvey is built on AWS with a 100% serverless architecture, making it the most scalable and cost-effective analytics platform available. All of the power and performance of the cloud is now at your fingertips.

Qrvey expertly combines over two dozen AWS microservices into a single, seamless analytics platform that has the flexibility to meet any use case. Use only the services you need and expand as you grow.

The Best of Deployed

SaaS services send your data to their cloud, but with Qrvey, your data never leaves your account. You are always in total control of your data and your infrastructure.

Managing data security and privacy with Qrvey is simple. Qrvey automatically inherits all of the rules and policies you’ve already worked so hard to create and maintain inside of your environment.

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A Deeper Look At Why Qrvey’s Architecture Matters

Qrvey is a 100% cloud-native and serverless analytics platform that’s built on AWS but deployed right to you.

Here’s why that matters and how Qrvey helps you achieve your embedded analytics goals using the power of over two dozen AWS services.

Secure Deployments in Your Environment

Using AWS CloudFormation, Qrvey automatically coordinates the deployment of dozens of AWS services and builds a single AWS analytics solution that runs inside your existing AWS environment.


Qrvey simplifies administration and centralizes management functions. Your data never leaves your own environment, streamlining data security and compliance requirements.


Maximum Flexibility with 100% Auto-Scaling Services

With a unique microservices-based framework, Qrvey has engineered an AWS analytics platform that is always fast, available and resilient. Ensure your users never miss a beat and insights flow at the speed of your data.


As your needs data and analytics needs expand, Qrvey automatically scales up to meet demand while always minimizing costs with a 100% serverless architecture.


The Lowest Cost with Serverless Technology

Using AWS Lamba, the Qrvey platform only uses resources when your users need them, allowing the system to scale instantly to changing conditions. Stop paying for servers that sit idle the majority of the time. Maximize your analytics investment with Qrvey.


Qrvey dramatically reduces your total cost of ownership compared to legacy, server-based analytics solutions.


Zero-Downtime Version Updates

Qrvey takes advantage of AWS Code Deploy to make updating your analytics applications a seamless experience. Update on your schedule with zero downtime on your production instances.


Since Qrvey is SDLC compliant, every update can be thoroughly tested in your development and staging environments. Updating with Qrvey is always a zero-hassle, zero-downtime process.


SDLC Compliant For Easy Management

DevOps teams love Qrvey because we’re fully SDLC with development, staging and production environments that make installing, developing, testing and deploying analytics easier and faster than ever.


Create multiple instances in your production, staging, development and disaster recovery environments while supporting embedded analytics use cases for all your users.


The Cost Savings Speak For Themselves!

Stop wasting money with traditional servers and infrastructure that sit idle

Typical AWS Cost Savings vs Other BI Vendors

Tableau Savings Comparison

Typical 3-Year Infrastructure Savings

$100,000 – $200,000

for a single node or load-balanced deployment based on Tableau minimum recommended specs plus 100GB of AWS Redshift storage

Learn more about how Qrvey provides an alternative to Tableau

Sisense Savings Comparison

Typical 3-Year Infrastructure Savings

$90,000 – $130,000

for a multi-node, load-balanced deployment based on Sisense recommended specs plus 100GB of AWS Redshift storage

Learn more about how Qrvey provides an alternative to Sisense

How does Qrvey Achieve These Savings?

By using modern analytics services from AWS such as ElasticSearch, Lamda and Elastic Container Service to keep your costs low.

Qrvey redefines the traditional data warehouse using AWS services.

Elasticsearch for Analytics

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