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A Deeper Look At Qrvey’s AWS Analytics Platform

Qrvey is a serverless embedded analytics platform built exclusively for SaaS applications that’s built on AWS and deployed to your AWS VPC. 

The Power and Performance of the Cloud is at Your Fingertips.

Only Qrvey gives you the best of the cloud with a serverless AWS analytics solution, deployed to your AWS account. 

Scalability of the Cloud

Qrvey combines AWS services into a single, multi-tenant analytics solution that empowers developers to ship faster and focus more on their core capabilities. 

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Security of Deployed

With Qrvey, your data never leaves your AWS VPC as Qrvey is a deployed AWS analytics service. You are always in total control of your data and your infrastructure.

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Cost Efficiency You Need

By intelligently combining serverless technology from AWS such as OpenSearch, Lamda, S3, ECS, Athena and more, you get an on-demand analytics platforms that minimizes cost.

Why OpenSearch for Analytics

Compare Infrastructure Cost Savings

Traditional server-based software that sits idle won’t benefit anyone

Typical AWS Cost Savings vs Other BI Vendors


Save up to 94%

Compared to a Tableau recommended load-balanced deployment

Tableau Savings Comparison

Typical 3-Year Infrastructure Savings

$100,000 – $200,000

for a single node or load-balanced deployment based on Tableau minimum recommended specs plus 100GB of AWS Redshift storage

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Tableau Alternative


Save up to 90%

Compared to a Sisense recommended multi-node deployment

Sisense Savings Comparison

Typical 3-Year Infrastructure Savings

$90,000 – $130,000

for a multi-node, load-balanced deployment based on Sisense recommended specs plus 100GB of AWS Redshift storage

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Sisense Alternative

FAQs About

AWS Analytics Platforms

What is an AWS Analytics Platform?

In the context of embedded analytics for SaaS companies, an AWS analytics solution refers to a combination of pre-built services and tools provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that help SaaS companies integrate data analysis and reporting capabilities directly into their application.

Qrvey built the only complete analytics solution specifically for multi-tenant SaaS applications on AWS that want to offer a comprehensive embedded analytics feature.

Several factors make AWS a compelling choice for SaaS companies:

Scalability and cost-effectiveness:

AWS offers on-demand, pay-as-you-go services, allowing SaaS companies to scale their infrastructure and resource usage based on their needs, keeping costs in check.

Extensive service portfolio:

AWS provides a wide range of services catering to various aspects of SaaS development and operation, including storage, databases, compute, security, and analytics.

Reliability and global reach:

AWS boasts a proven track record of reliability and security, with a global infrastructure that ensures high availability and low latency for users worldwide.

Focus on innovation:

AWS continuously innovates its services, keeping SaaS companies at the forefront of technology advancements.

Large community and support:

A vast community of users and developers provide resources and support, helping SaaS companies build and manage their applications effectively.

  • Reduced development time and cost: Leveraging pre-built AWS services minimizes the need for custom development, saving time and resources.
  • Scalability and elasticity: AWS infrastructure scales effortlessly to accommodate growing tenant data volumes and user demands.
  • Security and compliance: AWS adheres to strict security and compliance standards, ensuring data privacy and protection.
  • Integrations and flexibility: AWS services seamlessly integrate with each other, offering flexibility in building customized analytics solutions.
  • Cost optimization: Pay-as-you-go model ensures costs align with actual usage, leading to cost-efficient AWS serverless analytics infrastructure.

1. Cost Efficiency:

  • Pay-per-use: Serverless eliminates the need for upfront server provisioning and ongoing maintenance costs. You only pay for the resources your application consumes, leading to significant cost savings, especially for applications with fluctuating workloads.
  • No idle servers: Traditional servers often run underutilized, incurring unnecessary costs. Serverless eliminates this problem as resources spin up and down automatically based on demand.

2. Scalability and Elasticity:

  • Automatic scaling: AWS Serverless architectures automatically scale to meet varying user demands, handling traffic spikes effectively without manual intervention. This prevents downtime and ensures smooth performance for your users.
  • Faster time to market: Serverless eliminates infrastructure management concerns, allowing developers to focus on building core application functionalities, leading to faster product development and deployment.

3. Developer Velocity and Focus:

  • Abstraction from infrastructure: Developers write and deploy code without worrying about server management, provisioning, or configuration. This simplifies development, reduces operational overhead, and allows developers to focus on core application logic.
  • Faster development cycles: Pre-built serverless components and integrations help accelerate development processes, leading to quicker iterations and faster feature releases.

4. Increased Agility and Innovation:

  • Simplified deployments: Serverless deployments are faster and easier, enabling more frequent updates and experimentation with new features without worrying about complex infrastructure changes.
  • Focus on innovation: Freed from infrastructure concerns, developers can dedicate their expertise to innovating and building unique features that differentiate your SaaS offering.

5. Security and Reliability:

  • Managed infrastructure: Cloud providers handle security patches and vulnerabilities, reducing your security burden and ensuring platform reliability.
  • Automatic threat detection: Many serverless providers offer built-in security features like DDoS mitigation and intrusion detection, further enhancing your application’s security posture.

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