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Power BI is a collection of analytic tools offered by Microsoft which integrate with their Office 365 and SQL Server database products. At the core of Power BI is the Power BI Desktop, a desktop Windows application. Power BI also includes modules for cubes, maps, natural language and mobile viewing. Power BI offers industry-leading visualization capabilities, but relies on deployed or SaaS-hosted server components for content distribution, making it less than ideal for embedded or distributed applications.

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5 Key Ways Qrvey Beats Power BI

Power BI

Built for Azure

Power BI was built to integrate with Microsoft’s Office 365, SQL Server and Azure cloud services. For companies already in the Azure ecosystem and those who already have data housed on Azure, Power BI is a solid contender. However, as you’ll read below, even for those using the Azure cloud, the Power BI toolkit has shortcomings that limit its utility, especially for embedded and distributed use cases.


Built for AWS

Qrvey was built on AWS and combines dozens of AWS microservices for an optimal serverless experience that cannot be replicated by Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Qrvey can connect to all your data, even if that data resides outside of AWS. If your company is in the AWS ecosystem, Qrvey is the logical choice, but even for companies using other clouds or have not yet chosen a cloud, Qrvey makes it easy to build and embed robust analytics capabilities.

Winner, Qrvey

Power BI

Not Designed for Embedded

While Power BI offers some embeddable features, like charts and dashboards, it was not designed for embedded use cases and doesn’t offer the unified embedded experience enterprise and software companies needs. Power BI lacks centralized administration and a unified data security model and comes with per-user licensing that limits user adoption. 


Embedded is in Our DNA

Qrvey was built from the ground up with a B2B mindset. It includes robust APIs and pre-built UI widgets for white-labeling and embedded use cases.  Qrvey deploys into your existing AWS account, ensuring data privacy, security and compliance with your existing rules and requirements. And Qrvey is licensed so that it will grow with your business.

Winner, Qrvey

Power BI

Dated Architecture

Power BI is a suite of many different technologies designed to work together to solve data and analytic problems within Office 365 applications. At the core is Power BI desktop, a Windows-based desktop application that is used by BI developers to create reports, dashboards and visualizations. These assets can be published to Power BI Server, a web-based application for publishing, or to Power BI Service, a SaaS application on Azure. Power BI was not built with a modern cloud architecture. 


Qrvey is 100% Cloud-Native

Qrvey is a 100% cloud-native platform that is deployed into your existing AWS cloud account. It provides maximum flexibility and efficiency while ensuring that you’re always in control of your data and infrastructure. Qrvey is entirely microservices-based, allowing you to use a host of AI/ML services, from text, document and image analytics to natural language processing, without writing a single line of code. With Qrvey, you can quickly and cost-effectively scale up or down as needed because of our 100% serverless architecture.

Winner, Qrvey

Power BI

Power BI is a Collection of Tools

Power BI isn’t really a platform as much as a collection of analytics tools that can work together to perform certain tasks. The toolkit offers robust analytics capabilities, but less so in the areas of data collection, automation and machine learning. Power BI’s tools are integrated with one another but they do not act as a single, unified platform. 


Qrvey is an All-in-One Platform

Qrvey is an all-in-one analytics platform that includes your entire data pipeline from data collection and transformation to analysis, visualization, automation and ultimately, actions. It also integrates AI/ML capabilities throughout the platform. Qrvey allows non-technical users to build robust data and analytics applications for in-house, self-service, embedded or distributed use cases.

Winner, Qrvey

Power BI

Limited Per-User Licensing

Power BI uses traditional, per-user licensing which limits user adoption and complicates deployments. Per-user licensing does not fit with distributed or embedded use cases that require large numbers of users. Power BI’s licensing model adds further confusion with bundling tied to Office 365 and SQL Server usage. 


Qrvey Includes Unlimited Users

Qrvey was built from the ground up with a B2B mindset. We include not only robust APIs and pre-built UI widgets for white-labeling and embedded use cases, but support embedded users with packaging and licensed for embedded use cases. We have the experience, support and guidance you need to be successful.

Winner, Qrvey

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