Qrvey is the #1 Alternative to PowerBI

Choose Qrvey over PowerBI to Deliver Analytics with Less Development Effort

With a focus on embedded analytics, Qrvey provides a full-stack solution so development teams can build less and deliver more than ever.

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Product Direction

Quality of Support

Purpose-Built for Embedded Analytics

Qrvey 100% focused on embedded analytics, therefore every product decision and roadmap plan focuses on delivering the best experience to SaaS companies to build the analytics their customers want.

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Why You Should Consider Qrvey Instead of PowerBI for Embedded Analytics

Qrvey’s rapid pace of innovation combined with a focus on embedded analytics means SaaS companies ship more analytics features and build less in-house.

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Reason #1

Optimized for multi-tenant analytics with a full technology stack that includes a semantic layer and integrated data lake.

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Reason #2

Fully embeddable with the largest suite of embedded components so you can offer standard, customized, and editable reports.

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Reason #3

Scale without servers. Qrvey uses serverless technology to eliminate the need for expensive servers that sit idle most of every day.

Companies Choose Qrvey Over Power BI for Embedded Analytics Solutions Because Qrvey is
Purpose Built for SaaS Applications

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Comparison Overview

Power BI

Power BI is a fine choice if your needs are limited to internal use analytics and you’ve standardized around the Azure infrastructure. If seamless integration within multi-tenant app that includes self-service are important PowerBI is likely not the right solution.

Core Strengths

Basic Embedding of Visualizations
Relational DBs
Focus on Azure


Suitable choice for internal analytics.


Qrvey was built from the ground up for embedded analytics to deliver the enterprise grade performance for growing SaaS applications. Qrvey is the only self-hosted solution that includes a native multi-tenant ready data lake built on Elasticsearch for scale and cost efficiency.

Core Strengths



Best choice for embedded analytics within SaaS apps


100% Cloud-Native

All-in-One Platform

Dashboards and Visualizations

Unlimited Users/Reports/Dashboards

SaaS-Friendly Pricing

Fully Embeddable

White Label

Partial Implementation Full Implementation

Analytics for Those Who Want More

Build Less Software. Deliver More Value.

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