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Choose Qrvey over Looker to Deliver Analytics with Less Development Effort

With a focus on embedded analytics, Qrvey offers a full-stack solution enabling product teams to deliver more value in less time.

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Purpose-Built for Embedded Analytics

Qrvey is entirely dedicated to embedded analytics, which means that every aspect of product development and strategic planning is centered on providing optimal solutions for SaaS companies to create the analytics desired by their customers.

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Why You Should Consider Qrvey Instead

Qrvey’s turnkey solution alongside a focus on embedded analytics means SaaS companies ship more features and build less in-house.

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Reason #1

Optimized for multi-tenant analytics with a full technology stack that includes a semantic layer and integrated data lake.

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Reason #2

Fully embeddable with the largest suite of embedded components so you can offer full self-service without limitation.

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Reason #3

Qrvey is deployed which maximizes control and data security. Looker is a third party cloud which means you lose control over updates and infrastructure.

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