Analytics Modernization

Break Free from Legacy Systems. Scale Analytics for the Future.

Update or consolidate legacy systems to create a unified multi-tenant analytics service that is scalable across your enterprise.

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Data warehouse solutions do not offer native multi-tenant security so it requires a large development effort to consolidate databases while implementing granular security controls.

A faster path to consolidation powered by a scalable infrastructure creating a roadmap for success with enterprise size data volumes.

A single data pipeline feeding into a multi-tenant optimized data lake can take your enterprise analytics to the next level.

Top Reasons Enterprises Consolidate or Update Legacy Analytics Systems with Qrvey


A Fortune 2000 tech company with a history of acquisitions consolidates multiple products into Qrvey for a single embedded analytics platform serving multiple products.

A Powerful Solution for Companies Modernizing Their Analytics Stack

Enterprise-grade scale that drastically reduces the implementation time for analytics modernization of legacy systems and consolidates data repositories into one unified multi-tenant analytics service.

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self service analytics
no-code automation workflows

Analytics for Those Who Want More

Build Less Software. Deliver More Value.

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FAQs About Analytics Modernization

Legacy analytics systems can be siloed, complex, and expensive to maintain. Modernization streamlines data access, empowers users, and unlocks advanced analytics capabilities, leading to better decision-making and a competitive advantage.

Challenges can include data migration complexity, changing user behavior, and potential resistance to new tools.  However, a well-defined strategy and proper change management can mitigate these issues.

Modernization offers benefits like improved data quality, faster analysis times, cost optimization, and increased collaboration between teams. This ultimately leads to data-driven decision making and improved business performance.

Consider factors like scalability, ease of use, integration capabilities, security features, and vendor support. Choose a solution that aligns with your specific needs and long-term data strategy.

Consolidation simplifies maintenance, provides a unified view of data across products, and empowers informed product decisions by end users of a multi-tenant platform.