FHIR Healthcare Analytics

Turning Patient Data Into Actionable Insights

FHIR – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources – is the new standard for exchanging data between disparate healthcare systems.

Traditionally, healthcare information systems have used differing and proprietary standards for storing patient data. FHIR, led by HL7 International, aims to change that and will enable technology companies to quickly and seamlessly exchange patient data with a single, standards-based format that puts security and privacy at core of the entire process. 

This new medical data standard opens the door to a host of technological innovation and new solutions aimed at improving efficiency, operations and most importantly, patient outcomes, for all healthcare providers while simultaneously lowering costs. 

Why is FHIR Important to Healthcare Analytics?

As healthcare data evolves, so too does healthcare analytics. The new FHIR standard for patient record information will open plenty of new opportunities to analyze, visualize and automate many different aspects of healthcare data, often in realtime.

New use cases for FHIR in healthcare analytics are being built every day and will include:

Qrvey’s Solution to FHIR in Healthcare Analytics

All-in-One Data Integration

Robust data ingestion and transformation APIs quickly consolidate multiple databases into a single analytics store while also boosting utility with the latest AI and ML services.

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Data Router

Deployed Directly into AWS

An analytics solution deployed directly into your existing AWS environment for maximum data security and and compliance, with low cost of ownership from serverless technology.

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Analytics on AWS

A Fully Embedded Solution

The most comprehensive embedded analytics solution on the market enabling you to build custom analytics features with low-code APIs and prebuilt widgets your developers will love.

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Embedded Analytics

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