A Unified Analytics Platform

Less Complexity & Dramatically Lower Costs

Reduce Complexity With A Single Platform

Your data may be getting more complex, but your data pipeline doesn’t have to. Now you can replace multiple legacy systems with a single, modern analytics platform that gives you a lot more functionality for a fraction of the cost with way less complexity.


When one platform offers more built-in tools you need, your life gets easier.

An analytics pipeline starts with data generation and ends when you have taken action with your data. Traditional BI vendors can’t offer everything in one solution because they were built for visualizations, not action.

Discover how the Qrvey platform includes your entire data pipeline

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Qrvey takes advantage of advanced AWS technology to lower your costs up to 80-90%

Qrvey is deployed to your AWS environment using a combination of serverless technology, microservices and containers creating an on-demand platform for maximum scalability, security and cost efficiencies.

Discover how Qrvey accomplishes scalability and cost reduction

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See How Qrvey has Revolutionized Embedded Analytics

  • A serverless, cloud-native architecture that auto-scales to your needs
  • Automation, workflows, AI and machine learning
  • All data accepted -- even unstructured data like images and video!
  • Data collection and transformation capabilities built-in
  • Business-friendly licensing optimized for the embedded use case