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Data Collection & Transformation

Connect to All Your Data — Seriously

The need to ingest all types of data — including structured, semi- and unstructured — is no longer optional. Qrvey is a complete end-to-end analytics platform that powers your entire data pipeline. 

Visualization & Analysis

Bring Your Data to Life 

Your end users want the flexibility to analyze their data on their terms. Give it to them without sacrificing your roadmap. 

Third Party Vendor or Products for SaaS applications

Automation & Activation

Set Your Data in Motion

Qrvey’s no-code automation workflow builder puts the power of automation in the hands of your end users. Move beyond stale, scheduled reports by setting alerts and notifications so users receive only the information they need.

Embedded Analytics

Integrate Analytics Seamlessly

Qrvey was built from the ground up to be embedded into other applications, offering complete control over the white label experience. This includes both embedded outputs and builders for everything from charts and dashboards to forms and workflows.

Scaling & Distribution

Maximum Flexibility and Auto-Scaling

Qrvey is a 100% cloud-native and serverless analytics platform that’s built on AWS but deployed right to you. Ensure your users never miss a beat and insights flow at the speed of your data.

Security & Privacy

Data Security at Every Level

Qrvey deploys into your existing AWS infrastructure, making security and compliance a breeze, including security tools and features to support multi-tenant SaaS apps.

SaaS Data Security Concerns

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