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Qlik was not designed for embedded or distributed analytics use cases. The company licenses on a per-user basis and as a SaaS offering, Qlik customers do not have control of their data or infrastructure. This makes scalability and exporting data a challenge. Qlik is also a traditional analytics player that is focused primarily on reports, metrics and dashboards. It includes no built-in data collection and limited automation and machine learning capabilities.

100% Cloud-Native
Structured Data
Semi-Structured Data
Unstructured Data
All-in-One Platform
Fully Elastic / Auto Scaling
Dashboards and Visualizations
Fully Embeddable
White Label
Automation & Workflows
Unlimited Users
Embedded-Friendly Licensing

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4 Key Ways Qrvey Beats Qlik


Focused on Data Visualizations

Qlik is a traditional BI platform that offers tools to build and publish data visualizations such as charts, reports, metrics, and dashboards. It offers some data loading and scheduling tools, but it is not a cohesive, all-in-one analytics solution that is fully integrated or centrally managed for peak performance and efficiency. 



Qrvey is an All-in-One Platform

Qrvey is an all-in-one analytics platform that includes your entire data pipeline, from data collection and transformation to analysis, visualization, automation and ultimately, actions. It also integrates AI/ML capabilities throughout the platform. Qrvey was built for in-house, self-service, embedded and distributed use cases.

Winner: Qrvey (by a mile)


Partial Data Picture

Qlik makes it easy to connect to many popular structured data sources with a library of pre-built data connectors. However, it is less equipped to deal with today’s modern data needs that include semi- and unstructured as well as dark data sources. This leaves companies with an incomplete and inaccurate data picture. 



The Complete Data Picture

Qrvey adopted an “all data accepted” philosophy and uses a host of different tools to connect to all of your company’s data, including the often-forgotten semi- and unstructured data sources that comprise your company’s dark data. Only Qrvey can provide the complete data picture by making everything available for analysis.

Winner: Qrvey


Not Designed for Embedded

While Qlik offers some embeddable features, it was not designed with an eye for embedded use cases and it doesn’t offer a unified embedded experience that can be centrally managed with the tools software companies require for large-scale deployments.



Embedded is in Our DNA

Embedded analytics is not just a feature set, it’s a mindset. Qrvey offers pricing and licensing that caters to the needs of software companies and offers roadmap visibility and an experienced team with decades of experience making embedded analytics successful.

Winner: Qrvey


Per-User Licensing Limits Growth

Qlik offers a traditional BI licensing model based on the number of users, among other factors. It is not suited for wide-scale adoption or embedded and distributed use cases that have large and dynamic user bases and requirements.



Qrvey Includes Unlimited Users

Qrvey was built from the ground up with a B2B mindset. It includes robust APIs and pre-built UI widgets for white-labeling and embedded use cases. And Qrvey is packaged and licensed with the experience, support and guidance you need.

Winner: Qrvey (hands-down)

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