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What is an Embedded Report Builder?

An embedded report builder is a tool that allows users within a SaaS application to create custom reports and visualizations directly without needing to switch to separate analytics software. Essentially, it embeds the report creation functionality right into the existing workflow. Multi-tenant analytics software is now a must-have for success SaaS platforms.

What is an Embedded Report Builder Important to SaaS Companies?

Here’s why this is important for SaaS companies using embedded analytics software:

  • Empowered Users, Streamlined Workflow: End users can get the insights they need faster and avoid the hassle of exporting data and using another tool for reports. This keeps them engaged within the SaaS platform.
  • Increased Value Proposition: By offering embedded report building, a SaaS company enhances the value proposition of their product. It demonstrates a commitment to providing users with the tools to fully analyze their data.
  • Reduced Development Burden: Building a custom report builder from scratch can be a significant undertaking. Embedded report builders eliminate this burden, allowing SaaS companies to focus on their core product development.

Overall, embedded report builders are a win-win for both SaaS companies and their users. They improve user experience, increase product value, and free up development resources.

Watch a demo of Qrvey’s embedded dashboard builder here.


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