Qrvey’s Unique Cloud Deployment Model

The growth of cloud computing over the past decade has been astounding, but for many companies, all of that growth has also created a lot of confusion. That’s because there are many different definitions of what cloud computing actually is and how best to use it for your business.

When “the cloud” first burst onto the scene, its main purpose was to simply move individual servers from your office’s equipment equipment room to centralized data centers that offered climate-controlled facilities with uninterruptible power. This model took traditional applications from being “hosted by you” to being “hosted by you in the cloud.”

As the cloud became more powerful however, a second type of cloud emerged, native cloud-based applications. Cloud services like Salesforce.com were among the first to embrace everything the cloud had to offer, from high-performance databases to global load balancing and most recently, artificial intelligence and machine learning for predictive analytics. When it comes to performance, flexibility and scalability, cloud native applications are unmatched.

However, there is a caveat, especially for analytic applications. Analytics needs to remain close to the data its built on and close to the applications using them. When these elements are separated, everything suffers, from performance and security, to user management and licensing concerns. Having third party SaaS analytics, even if it’s in the cloud, is never as cost effective as you might think once all of these factors are taken into account. For companies with sensitive information or tight compliance controls, using a public cloud service like Salesforce is simply not an option.

That’s why Qrvey has adopted a unique cloud deployment model that provides the best of both worlds. Qrvey is not a SaaS offering, nor are we simply software that can be hosted in the cloud. We deploy directly into your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account, so you’re always in control of your installation and your data. You can decide how big of a deployment you need and have full control to scale your instance up or down as needed. Most importantly, your company retains full control of your data for maximum security and privacy.

Qrvey is also 100% cloud-native, taking full advantage of powerful cloud services like Elasticsearch, S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Lamba and dozens more. Most of these features and capabilities didn’t even exist a few years ago, but are now ushering in an entirely new level of functionality and performance. As result no other analytics solution can come close to the power and scalability of Qrvey because no other solution can come close to the services we are built on.

With Qrvey, you really can have it all… an analytics and automation platform that’s deployed into your own account, but still provides state of the art performance, reliability, flexibility and scalability.