Qrvey Named a Business Intelligence Leader by Dresner Advisory Services

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The Hidden ROI of
Embedded Analytics
for SaaS Applications

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Focused on SaaS Applications

Qrvey exists to help create better analytics experiences for end users of SaaS applications. Get an edge on your competition with embedded analytics and automation built for SaaS.

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Serverless AWS Native Platform

Deployed directly to your AWS environment, Qrvey offers scalability and cost efficiency solving one of the biggest problems with traditional business intelligence tools.

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Automation for Everyone

Automation tools as easy as charting. Put the power of automation in the hands of every end user with a no-code, embedded automation workflow engine.

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Reduce Cost

80 – 90% Savings

Qrvey uses a services-based architecture running on serverless tech. This leads to 80-90% savings compared to legacy BI vendors.

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Reduce Complexity

Fewer Systems

Qrvey consolidates Data Management, Embedded Analytics and Automation into one platform making your life easier.

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Embedded Analytics for Companies of Any Size


Flexible analytics packages tailored to the needs of startups.

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Small / Mid-Size

Scalable analytics solutions for growing companies.

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Powerful, dependable analytics for enterprise applications.

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