73% Corporate Data Unused

For all of the talk about the importance of big data over the past few years, it’s always amazing to learn that according to Forrester, as little as 27% of corporate data is currently being used for analytics and decision making. Think about that for a second. That means that up to 73% of your data is so-called “dark data”, locked away in your company’s servers and data centers, not providing any insights for your employees, your customers or your business. According to a recent IDC study, the numbers are even worse for unstructured data, with up to 90% going unanalyzed.

At most companies, data is similar to an iceberg… only the peak sits above the water line and is accessible for analysis, Everyone in your organization navigates based only on what’s visible. Meanwhile, the vast majority of their data lurks below the surface in darkness. As we all know, icebergs demand our attention and respect, because what you don’t see can cost you dearly. We’re not alone in sounding the dark data alarm. In a recent article, Forbes also outlined the many dangers dark data poses to your company.

When it comes to the area of analytics, the problem lies in the data itself. Companies today are not only generating greater volumes of data, but the types of data are also more diverse than ever. Since most analytics platforms only work with structured data, there are mountains of semi- and unstructured data, as well as things like files, audio and video, that all sink below the surface into the depths of dark data. When this happens, your analytics and decision-making abilities suffer. You are no longer seeing the complete picture and the data is no longer telling you the entire story. Incomplete data is always bad data, and bad data leads to bad decision-making that your company or users simply cannot afford.

That’s why Qrvey adopted an “All Data Analyzed” approach early on in its development. Using the power, flexibility and scalability of cloud-native microservices, Qrvey is able to deliver best-in-class performance on massive datasets and analyze all of your data, including those mountains of semi- and unstructured data, and those files, audio and video. Now your users can finally see the complete data picture and make the best decisions possible. They can combine data in entirely new ways and see connections that were previously hidden. All thanks to a modern cloud analytics platform that was built for today’s data and today’s self-service and embedded analytics needs.

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