We all know that great analytics only comes from great data. For years, that meant building analytics products that connected to as many different data sources as possible. An entire cottage industry was born building data connectors to do just that, move data between different databases as well as in and out of analytics platforms. The general wisdom has always been, the more connectors you have, the better your solution is. In the cloud age however, data has evolved beyond simple connectors. Qrvey was built with a new approach to data, something we call “all data accepted.”

With modern analytics, it’s no longer enough to just connect to structured data sources. Most data today isn’t structured, it’s semi- or unstructured. The term “dark data” was created to give a name to this mountain of data that has never before been considered for analysis. That’s why Qrvey accepts structured, semi- and unstructured data and includes the ability to collect new data, transform existing data and bring the complete data picture into a single, high-performance repository powered by Elasticsearch.

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Here are just some of the features included with Qrvey’s “all data accepted” model:

Data Connectors

Qrvey, of course, has the native data connectors you’d expect for all of the most popular, SQL-based structured data sources, allowing you to quickly connect to your databases and start gaining insights quickly.

Data Router

Qrvey’s Data Router is a data collection and transformation tool that takes connectors to the next level. It’s built with cutting-edge, serverless, microservices-based AWS architecture. It’s a fast, flexible and efficient solution for connecting to realtime data from machines like servers and IoT devices. Data Router supports both realtime push loading and batch processing via S3 buckets of high volumes of data. It also includes a powerful transformation engine for joining, transforming and augmenting data. And it puts the power of machine learning at your fingertip with tools for text, image and video processing.

Web Forms

Finally, no modern analytics platform would be complete without the ability to also collect data from humans. That’s why Qrvey also includes web forms, to collect new data or enhance existing data using forms, surveys and quizzes. There are over two dozen different question types available including advanced logic for branding, piping and more.

Only by combining structured, semi- and unstructured data can you achieve the complete data picture. Only by accepting data from databases, machines and humans can see the whole story. And only by bringing together existing data with realtime data and collecting new data can you make the best data-driven decisions. That’s why all data accepted matters and why Qrvey stands alone as a modern data collection powerhouse. The cloud and AWS make it possible. Qrvey makes it happen.

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