It’s the holiday season, that magical time of the year when software product managers begin loading up their sleighs with plans for the new year. But with so many competing priorities and never enough time, resources or budget, it’s no wonder most product roadmaps take a few unexpected twists and turns when dashing through the snow.

We’ve talked to a lot of SaaS product managers over the years. In fact, the elves at Qrvey work with them every day. Here are the top three things product managers have told us they’re wishing for this holiday season when it comes to adding embedded analytics software to their SaaS applications. Chances are, these items will ring a few holiday bells with you and your software team as well.  

#1 Faster Time to Market

With better security and better integration comes the ultimate goal on every PMs wish list, faster time to market, which means more prioritize other items on your roadmap. Nothing shows your executive team “we’ve got this” more than under-promising and over-delivering.

With the right embedded analytics solution, you can finally tackle that growing list of user requests by quickly giving them everything they need with self-service options so they can help themselves to all of the data, analytics and insights they need. 

Nothing will make your development team happier this holiday season than removing the burden of endless user demands from their to-do lists. Advance your analytics roadmap in record time with embedded analytics done right.

#2 Better Security

There isn’t a day that goes by where data privacy and security are not front and center in the news. Product managers have told us they need embedded solutions that don’t require holiday magic to keep them secure. They can’t trust their data to third-party SaaS solutions or legacy servers that were written 10+ years ago. 

Ideally, product managers want analytics that lives right alongside the rest of their software, so their data never leaves their cloud environment and they are always in total control of their infrastructure. Features like single sign-on aren’t nice to have, they’re a must-have.

Embedded analytics must also have multiple layers of security, all the way down to row-level for maximum control within multi-tenant applications. 

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#3 Better UX Integration

Great analytics become a lot less great if your development team struggles to embed them and your users think they look out of place inside your application. That’s why product managers have told us what they really wish for are analytics that were built for SaaS applications. That means analytics that come with a full suite of robust APIs and JS widgets (no iFrames), plus the documentation, training and support to make learning them seem like a Christmas miracle! 

Ensure you’re on the “nice list” with your developers this year by choosing embedded analytics for SaaS applications your developers will love. Don’t settle for legacy BI apps trying to pose as embedded solutions. Real embedded solutions will boost your productivity and spread a lot of holiday cheer.

Santa Is Coming To Town…

Product managers don’t have to end up with coal in their stockings this year. Modern analytics platforms like Qrvey can easily check off every item on the product manager’s wishlist. And, Qrvey can even do it for a fraction of the cost of traditional analytics solutions that rely on legacy servers and antiquated technologies. 

Pour some eggnog and sign up for a demo today to learn more about how to add or upgrade embedded analytics for SaaS applications without ho- ho- holding up the rest of your product plans. 

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