It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time. ~ Steve Jobs

Everyone needs more hours in the day. Steve Jobs knew it. As software company leaders, you really know it. Time is a precious resource, and those who maximize efficiency tend to maximize revenue. So how does this apply to Infused Analytics? Simple: the goal of any third-party solution has to be to enable your teams to save time.

Sounds like common sense, but how often have you seen your development team try to integrate third-party software, only to watch it turn into a massive waste of time? If you’ve been following this series of posts, it’s obvious that I’m obsessed with serving SaaS companies.

They dominate every industry, but I’m amazed at how many companies are still not designing their systems to directly serve SaaS customers. And in analytics, business intelligence companies make this extremely obvious. Here are five ways Infused Analytics can cut down on wasted time:

#1 Performance with Any Data Volume

Your platform will generate more data than you originally imagined. And your customers will expect you to make it readily available. Most people don’t understand what it takes to process and analyze large volumes of data, so when it takes 15-20 seconds to load a simple dashboard of static data, your customers get frustrated….fast. Frustrated customers are not good for retention rates. Infused Analytics – not embedded analytics – offers a great solution to this problem.

#2 Easy for Developers to Integrate

This is a no-brainer in the time savings department. If your engineering team struggles to implement a solution, why bother? I see this time and time again with traditional BI solutions trying to sell their software into SaaS companies as “embedded” solutions. The horror stories of development gone wrong are real. Make sure your dev leaders properly evaluate solutions. Surprises will kill your time savings.

#3 Customizable for Internal Users

In analytics, you will find two audiences: internal and external. Internal audiences are your typical line of business users. They have data they need to analyze and how they analyze it will be unique to them. A good system scales with multiple dataset capabilities, but also data permissions to properly segregate data to ensure data isn’t sent to the wrong group.

One system that works for internal and external purposes goes a long way in saving training resources within your company.

#4 Embeddable for SaaS End Users

This seems obvious, but the traditional BI solutions that tried to offer embedded BI as a feature really struggle. A system designed for internal-only usage has a hard time pivoting to embedded because so much of the intended use cases are different. I wrote a previous post about the evolution of analytics solutions that touches on this topic.

#5 ​​Everything in One Solution

When you can combine multiple different systems into one single solution, everyone wins. There’s plenty of support for point solutions that do one thing really well, but in a SaaS world when competition is tight, the race to market is real.

This is easily the most important area where Infused Analytics can offer tangible time savings. It’s not just a visualization tool, but having data collection and transformation, analysis, and automation combined into one solution is the eureka moment you’ve been looking for.


I’m passionate about this topic, which is why I started Qrvey to address these challenges within the SaaS industry. If you’re a SaaS leader, you know you need your teams to do more with less, especially when hiring challenges persist with no end in sight. Time savings is the single most important problem I set out to solve with our Infused Analytics solution. Reach out to me if you’re curious, I’d love to tell you more.

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