In my last article, I explained the many differences between having a customer/vendor relationship with your technology providers versus having a partner relationship. While each relationship has its pros and cons, when it comes to self-service and embedded data platforms, the clear winner is partnerships.

Embedded technology platforms are, by nature, a lot more comprehensive and sophisticated than simply buying components off the shelf. If you truly want to be successful, you’ll require all of the strengths a partner relationship provides. For example, you’ll appreciate a sales cycle that’s designed for long-term success and not just quarterly sales goals. Partners take the time to fully understand your needs and allow you to evaluate their products on the timeline you choose. Throughout the sales process, you’ll appreciate working with a team that knows you, your history and your long-term needs and goals.

All of these benefits extend far beyond sales cycle. You’ll continue to work with same team throughout the building, testing and deployment phases and that team will be available to provide expert guidance whenever assistance is needed. If there’s a critical make-or-break event at your company, you’ll take comfort in knowing that your partner will pick up the phone to help and always be by your side.

When it comes to the product roadmap, partners have open access to the product management team so they can not only share feedback and provide enhancement requests, but also learn about upcoming releases and get detailed insights on where the platform is headed next. A large portion of a product roadmap should be directly influenced by what partners say their users need most.

Then there’s licensing, a topic that typically pits customers and vendors against each other. But in a partnership, that’s not the case, as deals are always structured so that both sides can build on each other’s success and win together. Partners don’t penalize each other when they grow. In fact, good partnerships help accelerate growth by enabling both sides to move faster than they could individually.

In short, when you have a partner, you get a lot more than just great technologies. You also get the peace of mind of knowing your partner is keeping your interests in mind.

Embedded technologies and platforms always involve a trade-off. You sacrifice control in order to save big on time, effort and cost. But with a partnership, you truly can optimize both. At Qrvey, we believe so strongly in the partnership model and that we built our entire business on it. Qrvey doesn’t have a single customer, just happy partners.

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