There’s a common problem in the software world. Your team has built a great product, but now you’re starting to realize that it’s not quite meeting all of your customers’ requirements. It’s either not robust enough and you’re losing deals to your competitors, your customer retention isn’t hitting your goal, or you’re not generating enough revenue to meet your growth goals. If you’re a new company or product, you may also still be looking for that one key differentiating feature that will really set you apart from the crowd.

When you hit these crossroads, you typically have two options in front of you. Build what you think you need in-house or find an OEM partner that already has the functionality that will take you to the next level. The first question you’ll obviously need to ask is whether the functionality you need is even available in an easily embeddable way from an OEM vendor. If so, the next logical question will be, “does this technology need to be a core competency of our company?” If it is, then you’ll likely need to build it yourself to maintain your competitive advantage. For everything else, however, you’ll probably find the rest of this article useful.

Why Going It Alone Is Not Always The Best Option

Staying on your current path and building all of the features you need in-house usually sounds like a great idea to most companies. It’s a great way to maintain full control of your product and it’s already a familiar process since that’s what you’ve been doing all along. You just need to do more of it, right?

Unfortunately, building everything in-house is typically a lot more complicated, and costly, than it appears. Inevitably, it’s going to consume a lot more of your of time and resources, leaving a lot less time to maintain your existing codebase as well as everything else that’s already on your roadmap. You will likely have to hire and train more developers to everything done.

Why OEM Partnerships Are A Better Choice

There are many reasons why an OEM partnership might be a better fit for your existing software. Let’s touch base on a couple of those.

Shorten Time To Market

With a Qrvey OEM solution, you can quickly embed technologies directly into your product without having to go through an extensive build process. We have years of expertise in embedding data collection, analytic and rule-based automation components into existing applications and in most cases embedding any these technologies can be as simple as copy-pasting our API.

Instead of hiring new developers to recreate existing technology, you can simply work with us to seamlessly customize and integrate any or all of our technologies into your platform. Rather than spending the time “reinventing the wheel” you can shorten your time to market and leap ahead of the fast-paced, competitive landscape.

Here’s a taste of some of things Qrvey can offer:

Data Collection & Web Form Building

Embed our data collection technologies, such as web form builder, into your web or mobile applications. End-users can create their own web forms (online form, questionnaire, survey, checklist, etc.) and visually analyze results with no technical knowledge.

Data Analytics

Qrvey Analytics allows for you to see your data in a whole new way. Whether data is structured, semi-structured, unstructured, human collected or machine collected, our analytics provide you with the opportunity to visually understand and ask questions of your data. w Seamlessly embed data visualizations into your existing applications or access detailed analytics on your existing data or any new data that you’re collecting.

Data Automation

Qrvey Automation offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use, workflow engine to automate actions, set up custom schedules, and trigger alerts based on your existing data or any newly collected data sets. Qrvey is designed to be mobile-first and 100% responsive, across any device.

Gain Advanced Features

When you embed Qrvey, you’re not starting from scratch. From day one, you’ll have access to the entire Qrvey platform, which is packed with advanced functionality that you can deploy right away. All of the features and performance you’d expect are right at your fingertips, with more being added and refined all the time.

Increase Revenue

OEM solutions save you the cost of continual development. Support, patches and upgrades all come standard. Qrvey comes with its own team of experts that will support your long-term project goals. Every time new features and upgrades become available, your application can immediately take advantage of them, using them as upsell opportunities for your customers or just a justification for higher price points in the future.

Qrvey offers easy, effective, and robust functionality for organizations that want to add value to their products, deliver new capabilities and features to their customers, offer new modules, create new revenue streams, and expand their product portfolio through OEM software. For more information about how to become an OEM partner, contact Qrvey today!

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