Arman Eshraghi, CEO and Founder of Qrvey, hosts a podcast, “SaaS Scaled.” Our latest episode featured Gregg Johnson, CEO, Invoca, the leader in AI conversation intelligence for revenue teams. You can watch or listen to the podcast here and we’ve covered some highlights of their discussion below.

In What Ways do you See AI Making a Difference?

“The dividing line of what’s human and what’s digital is getting more subtle by the day. What’s the unique value-added touch that humans bring into the buying process? If someone starts doing educational research on your website, how do you transition from digital into the human touch realm? And how can you do that in a seamless way, as opposed to having the customer interact on the website, and then reach out to ask a question and have to start all over again? You don’t really recognize it as a consumer until you experience something that is smooth and then it just feels like magic, and it feels amazing “And then how do you use AI to understand that human-to-human conversation? And make sure that the brand can remember and retain all that information about the consumer. We want conversations between consumers and brands to be handled and to feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend and there’s institutional memory and understanding of context.

What are Some Vital Elements that Helped your Company Grow from $10M To $100M?

“Things that were really pivotal for us:
  1. Product/ market fit. We have customers who really love what we do. 
  2. Identify use cases that work for us, and replicate that at scale
  3. Align ourselves to trends in the industry
“We sell to marketers who spend money onnline and make money in the contact center. Starting around 2014, marketers were spending more money on Google and Facebook and less money on traditional media. We leaned into our ability to help digital marketers quantify the impact they were having on the business, which aligned us with a broader tailwind that helped us in our business. It also helped align us with other relevant players in our space. We have a very collaborative go-to-market relationship with Google because Google is interested in helping digital marketers understand the impact they’re having on the business, even if it’s not through e-commerce.” Gregg also discussed the level of structural complexity that’s introduced when going from being a single product to multi-product company.

What are Some Helpful Communication Tactics as your Company Grows?

“Every Friday, I write a note in Slack about what’s going on at the company, what customers I’ve seen, which people I’ve talked to. That’s something I enjoy doing, but I have been amazed as the company has continued to scale how many times you have to repeat things.  “We really felt like our mission in the company was not getting across. Someone on the exec team said, ‘I think we should start all our monthly all-hands calls by stating our mission and then using a customer example to illustrate it.’ I’ve had so many people in the past few months come up to me and say, ‘Hey, the company mission resonates with me in a way that it didn’t before.’ You just realize as a company scales, repetition and keeping things simple and customer-focused is really important, but it’s also hard.”   You can listen to the full podcast here.

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