The Shifting Landscape

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, consultants and systems integrators face immense pressure to deliver efficient, cost-effective services that meet their clients’ ever-changing needs. The ability to remain nimble and adapt to shifting market conditions is crucial for success.

However, consultants should be concerned about their businesses, as significant industry changes are on the horizon.

Change #1: Rise of Non-Traditional Competitors

The first major change is the rise of non-traditional competitors in the data and analytics space. While this field has always been characterized by innovation and change, traditional analytics consultants now find themselves facing competition from unexpected quarters.

Management consultants, marketing experts, data providers, and even firms merging or acquiring others to gain new skills are all adding analytics offerings to their repertoire.

This influx of larger and more capable rivals puts traditional consultants at an increasing disadvantage, as they struggle to match the scale and scope of services provided by their competitors.

Change #2: Commoditization of Traditional Services

The second significant challenge consultants face is the commoditization of many traditional consulting services.

As new technologies and cloud services emerge, making integration services increasingly easier to use and more commonplace, consultants find it harder to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

This commoditization puts immense pressure on fees and profit margins, further exacerbating the challenges consultants face.

The Qrvey Solution

So, what can consultants and systems integrators do to fend off these attacks and maintain their competitive edge? The answer lies in partnering with companies like Qrvey, a purpose-built solution designed to help consultants succeed.

Staying Ahead with Qrvey

Qrvey provides consultants with a scalable multi-tenant analytics platform that is not only differentiated but is also constantly being upgraded and advanced with the latest cloud technologies, including machine learning.

This ensures that Qrvey’s partners will always have an edge over their competition, as new and differentiated solutions are continuously being developed.

The Power of Partnership

Most importantly, partnering with Qrvey gives consultants an obvious partner – a valuable asset whether you’re a systems integrator or an OEM software provider. This partnership offers numerous benefits that will ensure your success in the face of a rapidly changing consulting landscape.

Embrace the Future

By embracing Qrvey’s innovative embedded analytics platform and leveraging the power of partnership, consultants can overcome the challenges posed by non-traditional competitors and the commoditization of traditional services.

With Qrvey by your side, consultants can stay ahead of the curve, deliver exceptional value to their clients, and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

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