Your Consulting Services Are Under Attack

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The best consultants and systems integrators are always the ones who remain nimble and are able to recognize and adapt to changing market conditions. In a rapidly changing business environment, consultants are increasingly under pressure to provide the scale and scope of services their clients need to get the job done quickly, efficiently and under budget. According to a recent research report from Gartner, consultants need to be worried about their business, because big industry changes are coming.

The first of these big changes is the rise of new and non-traditional competitors. The data and analytics space has always been an area with a lot of change and innovation, so it’s not surprising to see traditional analytics consultants facing new competition coming from many different directions. Everyone from management consultants to marketing experts to data providers are all adding analytics to their offerings. Additionally, many consultants who are hungry for growth are merging and acquiring other firms to gain the skills they need. This puts traditional consultants at an increasing disadvantage as they go up against ever larger and more capable rivals.

The second big change consultants are facing is the commoditization of many traditional consulting services which is putting pressure on fees and profit margins. As new technologies and cloud services emerge that are increasingly easier to use, what were once highly profitable integration services become commonplace, making it harder to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

What can consultants and systems integrators do to fend off these attacks? They can partner up with companies like Qrvey, who are purpose-built to help them succeed.

As I mentioned in my previous article, How Consultants Win With Qrvey, Qrvey helps consultants productize their offerings into ServWare. Solutions can now be built once and sold to many clients with a recurring revenue model. But partnering with Qrvey goes far beyond just ServWare.

Qrvey also gives consultants a modern cloud architecture that’s not only differentiated but is constantly being upgraded and advanced with the latest cloud technologies, including machine learning. This means Qrvey’s partners will always have an edge over their competition. New and differentiated solutions are always possible with Qrvey.

But most importantly, partnering with Qrvey gives consultants something obvious, a partner. Whether you’re a systems integrator or an OEM software provider, partnering with Qrvey provides many benefits that will ensure your success.