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Top Trends for Analytics Consultants

IT consultants and systems integrators are the glue that helps companies plan, execute and ultimately complete successful digital transformations. As the number of cloud services has exploded, and the complexity of integration options has grown, the role of systems integrators has evolved from being a mere consultant to becoming a trusted advisor that helps companies understand their data in all-new ways.

In their quest to drive more value for their clients, integrators are facing new challenges and opportunities, especially in the areas of analytics, automation and machine learning.

Challenge #1

Reusable Servware

Many consultants are changing their business models entirely to embrace the burgeoning servware trend. Servware turns custom solutions into productized offerings that can be built once and sold to multiple clients, offering a great source of predictable, recurring revenue.

Qrvey was built for the next generation of analytics applications and fits perfectly with the needs of next-generation Servware solutions. Qrvey embraces analytics, automation, big data, and machine learning to provide the speed, automation and personalization customers need along with the data security they demand.

Challenge #2

Implementation of Big Data

Companies have been amassing big data for years. Now, it’s up to systems integrators to collect, transform and prepare all of that data to provide new forms of analysis and insights. The only problem? Legacy analytics platforms can’t process semi- and unstructured data and those that can, don’t have the performance needed to power machine learning and other next-generation analytics needs.

Qrvey was built to perform in even the most demanding of environments. Even hundreds of millions of rows can now be analyzed in seconds and with machine learning to aid with data augmentation, analysis, predictions and more.


Challenge #3

Increased Cloud Adoption

Companies are moving to the cloud faster than ever before and systems integrators must be ready with new tools and recommendations to meet ever-changing requirements.

It’s no longer acceptable to just move existing applications to the cloud inside containers. Fast, flexible and scalable cloud-native applications are needed to get the job done right and stay ahead of the competition.

Qrvey is a 100% cloud-native platform that assembles dozens of AWS microservices to provide an all-in-one analytics solution spanning data collection, transformation, visualization, automation and ultimately, data-driven actions and decision making. 

Challenge #4

Hybrid Integration Technology

A company’s data no longer lives in a single repository. Today’s integrators need hybrid solutions that can aggregate and prepare data for analysis no matter where it lives – whether that’s on-premise, in a public or private cloud, or on third-party systems. Today’s analytics need to deliver “all data accepted” solutions.

Unlike traditional analytics solutions, Qrvey works with semi- and unstructured data no matter where it lives. Qrvey is the fastest way to deliver the scalable, differentiated solutions consultants need to stay ahead of the competition.

Customizable Analytics and BI Platform for Systems Integrators

Qrvey’s All-in-One Analytics Solution

Qrvey is an all-in-one, cloud-native analytics solution that simplifies analytics on AWS to give the consulting industry all of the tools they need to meet their biggest analytics challenges for delivering all-new products and services with exceptional value.

As systems integrators continue to usher in the age of digital transformation, the need for powerful, flexible and scalable analytics solutions only increases.

Only Qrvey offers an all-in-one, cloud-native analytics platform that can deliver self-service, embedded and enterprise-grade analytics applications to meet these new challenges and allow systems integrators to evolve to a more continuous engagement model that helps companies understand their data in all-new ways.

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Analytics for IT Consulting

Systems Integration Done Right

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