Support Services

Standard, Team and Enterprise Support

Qrvey offers different Technical Support packages to meet the needs of all our customers.

Standard Support

Standard Support is included with every subscription purchase and includes online documentation and e-mail support with an as-available response time.

There is no SLA with this package. To contact Qrvey’s support team, email

Team Support

Team Support is recommended for Team license packages and provides access to our support team via our help desk system. To purchase a Team Support package, contact

Team Support hours are 9am-6pm EST, Monday through Friday, excluding US holidays and include up to 3 named points of contact.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support is required for all Enterprise license packages and provides comprehensive support to cover your support needs via a dedicated Slack channel in addition to an account on our help desk system for issue tracking. To purchase an Enterprise Support package, contact

Enterprise Support hours are 9am – 9pm EST, Monday through Friday, excluding US holidays and include up to 3 named points of contact.

Priority levels

Support issues are categorized into four priority levels to ensure you always get the time and attention you need.

P1 – Critical

Your Qrvey production environment is completely inoperable or inaccessible to all users.

P2 – High

Your Qrvey production environment is experiencing a severe performance issue that impacts a majority of users.

P3 – Medium

Your Qrvey production environment is experiencing a moderate performance issue that impacts a minority of users.

P4 – Low

“How-to” questions, issues with performance impact or features not operating as documented, that impact a minority of users.

Targeted response times

Upon receipt of your issue, our support team will provide you with a case number, priority and next steps as quickly as possible. Any issues not resolved with the initial response will be investigated using the data provided by the customer. Below are the targeted response times for continued support investigations.

P1 Target Response Times4 Business Hours1 Business Hour
P2 Target Response Times8 Business Hours2 Business Hours
P3 Target Response Times3 Business Days1 Business Day
P4 Target Response Times5 Business Days3 Business Days

Enterprise Infrastructure Management Service

Qrvey’s Managed Infrastructure Service is available as an optional add-on to our Enterprise Support Package and provides DevOps expertise to manage all aspects of your Qrvey related AWS account, in your AWS environment. To purchase the Managed Infrastructure Service, please contact

ServiceDescriptionManaged in customer's account
UpgradesWe deploy and apply new releases automatically
ScalingSet up and modification of the infrastructure as needed
Continued monitoring of infrastructure for optimization, updates
Usage and AlertsSetting up usage and billing alerts.
Infrastructure SecurityManaging Access for Qrvey Platform (Access keys)
Setting up security infrastructure (VPC, Subnets, etc)
IAM user management
AWS Billingoptional*

* Fully managed service including AWS infrastructure billing available. Contact us for details.