Why Qrvey?

Empower your users and leapfrog your competition.

Why We’re Different

With Qrvey, you really can have it all... a great product from a great company and a buying experience that works with you, instead of against you, and will meet your needs today as well as tomorrow. Qrvey platform provides the best self-service data and analytic experience available today and is fully embeddable to provide analysis and automation anywhere you need it.

The Qrvey team has decades of experience in the analytics & business intelligence industry and brings with it a unique understanding of what our customers need and the ability to turn those needs into reality.

Finally, there’s the way Qrvey does business. We believe in a no-pressure sales approach with transparent pricing, flexible licensing and free trials to make sure Qrvey is right for you before you buy.

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Modernize Your Embedded Analytics. Learn why Product Managers love Qrvey
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A Unique Deployment Approach

Many products can be deployed to the cloud, but that doesn’t mean they’re taking advantage of everything the cloud has to offer, or that they provide the features your company requires, like control and data security. But Qrvey is different.

Qrvey is not a SaaS offering, nor are we simply software that can be hosted in the cloud. We uniquely deploy into your own AWS cloud account, so you’re always in control of your installation and your data. And we are also cloud-native, taking full advantage of powerful cloud services like Elasticsearch, S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Lamba and dozens more. No other analytics solution can come close to the power and scalability of Qrvey.

Learn even more about Qrvey’s Unique Cloud Deployment Model

What You Get With Qrvey

self service

Self Service

Qrvey empowers everyday business users with world-class, self-service data tools.


All-in-One Platform

A single, unified platform for data collection, analysis and workflow automation.


All Data Analyzed

Structured, semi- and unstructured data with files, images, audio, video and more.


Fully Embeddable

Embed any portion of the Qrvey platform into other web or mobile applications.


Modern Architecture

Built in the cloud with microservices that are fast, functional, lightweight and flexible.

scalable performance

Scalable Performance

Industry-leading performance that scales effortlessly for the most demanding workloads.