In business, it’s not enough to just be the quickest to market with a new product or service. The key to enduring success is the ability to adapt and to be flexible in a constantly changing marketplace. That’s why it’s so frustrating when our technology, the very tools that enable the biggest leaps forward, are also our biggest stumbling blocks over time.

That’s because enterprise software, for as liberating and as powerful as it is, has historically taken a lot of time and resources to create. Over time, these demands only get worse as systems age, grow in complexity and become more cumbersome to maintain. What businesses really need are platforms that can not only scale, but also evolve.

Fortunately, that’s what no-code app builders, like Qrvey, can provide. Every big business longs to be as agile and flexible as a startup. Many companies attempt to hold onto that “startup culture” for as long as they can, while others create entirely new divisions and projects to recreate it. Few companies are successful at these ventures, partially because their IT infrastructure just can’t adapt and employees are left without the tools they need to innovate.

With technologies like Qrvey however, enterprise clients can give their employees the agility they need in three ways.

The first is through self-service data management. So many times, the answers to your business problems lie with your customers, partners or suppliers. Sometimes they lie with other employees.

The second way to spur innovation is via self-service analytics. Trying new things demands access to information, both to spot new opportunities and to see the results of your new initiatives. By providing everyone in an organization with the ability to access data, build custom charts and dashboards and receive real-time updates, all of these needs can easily be met without the time and expense of building custom solutions.

Finally, the third key to innovation is automation. For as much as companies push for increased productivity and efficiency in everything they do, there are still plenty of manual tasks that employees could automate if given the proper tools. Qrvey can provide those tools.

Automation also allows for innovation to happen faster, as applications can be built by just about anyone in your organization in a fraction of the time of traditional software development.

In the end, the key to your enterprise’s innovation is not just using technology, but using the RIGHT technology and applying it broadly to everyone in your organization. You might just be surprised at what’s possible with the right tools for embedded analytics software.  

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