In a previous article, I talked about the many benefits of being cloud-native. The cloud has given Qrvey the ability to offer constant innovation, rapid scaling and tremendous power and flexibility. But all clouds are not created equal. Qrvey was born on Amazon Web Services and AWS gives our platform a unique set of advantages that allow us to stand out from all other analytic products.

Qrvey is the only AWS-native embedded analytic platform in the market today that deploys directly into AWS cloud environments. That means we can fully leverage the multi-billion dollar investment Amazon has made into its many cloud services. As AWS continues to innovate and lead in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data and analytics, Qrvey benefits from these advances the moment they are released.

The Unique Benefits of AWS-Native Software

Qrvey was born in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Being AWS-native gives our platform capabilities and advantages no other business analytics solution can match. As AWS continues to lead innovation in areas like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Qrvey instantly benefits from every new service and advancement.

Leveraging AWS AI and ML Leadership

AWS offers an unmatched portfolio of AI and ML services through solutions like Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex and others. SageMaker alone provides a complete machine-learning workflow platform to prepare data, train models, and deploy predictions. By natively integrating these services, Qrvey delivers industry-leading AI and ML analytics without needing our own data scientists and resources. Our roadmap will continue benefiting from AWS AI and ML innovations the moment they are released.

Cloud Deployment Flexibility

The Qrvey platform remains 100% cloud-native, while still allowing deployment into your own AWS account where you maintain full control. AWS technologies enable us to send updates directly to your testing environments before controlled deployment using unique content deployment tools only found in Qrvey. This model gives you cloud scalability and Qrvey’s latest capabilities while retaining data security and infrastructure control.

Qrvey also allows for unlimited deployments. This means you can install Qrvey on as many development, staging and QA environments as required by your software development process.

The Power Behind Qrvey’s Admin Portal

Qrvey’s real-time Admin Portal leverages AWS services like Amazon DynamoDB for its speed and flexibility. As a fully managed NoSQL database, DynamoDB instantly scales capacity both up and down to meet demand without downtime. This allows our Admin Portal to provide always-on access and real-time updates no matter the level of usage. The portal also utilizes Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon SNS, and other AWS solutions to enable robust monitoring, alerts, and custom workflows.

Hosting within AWS GovCloud

Qrvey can also be deployed into GovCloud environments. This means that companies hosting their SaaS platform within the ultra-secure GovCloud environment can still take advantage of Qrvey. Often companies think that since they take a security-first approach, they are not able to offer advanced analytics features like embedded analytics. This works well for SaaS companies that serve industries such as healthcare, financial services, HR and more.

Going Beyond Just Hosted in the Cloud

Many embedded analytics solutions today claim cloud-based or cloud-hosted capabilities. But Qrvey is truly cloud-native, built from the ground up on AWS. This means seamlessly utilizing the most advanced AWS services as soon as they become available. No other provider can match the benefits of being AWS-native. When evaluating cloud analytics, don’t settle for anything less than Qrvey.

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