The Benefits of Being AWS Native

In a previous article, I talked about the many benefits of being cloud-native. The cloud has given Qrvey the ability to innovate quickly, scale rapidly and have tremendous power and flexibility. But all clouds are not created equal. Qrvey was born on Amazon Web Services and AWS gives our platform a unique set of  advantages that allow us to stand out from all other analytic products.

Qrvey is the only AWS-native business analytic platform in the market today. That means we can fully leverage the multi-billion dollar investment Amazon has made into their many cloud services. As AWS continues to innovate and lead in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data and analytics, Qrvey benefits from these advances the moment they are released.

For example, Qrvey leverages Amazon Sagemaker for its machine learning technologies. Sagemaker provides a complete machine learning workflow to prepare data, choose algorithms, train them, deploy them, and ultimately make predictions and take actions based on those predictions. Sagemaker is already one of the most widely-used machine learning tools and it allows Qrvey to be industry-leading as well. The same principle applies to the many services Qrvey utilizes for artificial intelligence, including Rekognition, Poly, Lex and many more. Between these many services, Qrvey’s AI capabilities include image, video and speech recognition, language translations, forecasting, recommendations and even chatbots. Some of these services are already available in Qrvey while others are part of our product roadmap. But if AWS introduces a new revolutionary service tomorrow, we’re able to include it in our platform natively and better than any other analytic platform.

Qrvey’s AWS advantages go far beyond just AI and machine learning however. AWS also makes the rest of the Qrvey platform possible, including our hybrid cloud deployment model. AWS allows Qrvey to be 100% cloud native, but still deploy into your own AWS account where you maintain full control over your infrastructure and data security. AWS technologies also allow Qrvey’s Admin Portal to send updates to the Qrvey platform directly to your testing environments, where you can deploy them where and when you need them.

So the next time you read about analytics “in the cloud” ask yourself, is this product merely hosted in the cloud or is it 100% cloud native? If it is cloud native, ask if its leveraging the full power of AWS services. If it does, then you must be looking at Qrvey.