Too many times, the data you need is not necessarily the data you have, and the answers you seek, well, they’re being kept somewhere else entirely. Fortunately, with the right data platform, there are easy ways to supplement, augment and enrich the data you have to provide you with the answers you need.

Your company’s data is likely being kept in a variety of different places Sometimes, there are good reasons for this. For example, some data is sensitive in nature and cannot be stored publically or where employees have easy access to it. Other times, data may be locked away simply because your IT department doesn’t have the time to rescue it, which may create long bottlenecks for those who need it. You may find even more data on your desktop in the form of spreadsheets or logs, or maybe data dumps from third party systems. This data might include actual transactions, or maybe just sales projections or forecasts. But no matter where your data happens to be, one thing is certain, it is worth a lot more when it can be combined into a single source.

That’s why features like data enrichment and data linking are so vital to analysis and automation. Without them, your analysis will always be incomplete and never quite see the full picture. That’s also why Qrvey includes a full-suite of data enrichment tools to make combining data easy.

Qrvey includes several features in this space. The first is Data Connections, which allows anyone to connect common data sources like Oracle and SQL Server. Next is Data Router, a tool which makes ingesting and transforming data on a real-time or scheduled basis a quick, no-code affair for data administrators. Data Router eliminates backlogs by always keeping your data up to date and in sync. The Qrvey API and Webhooks allow data to easily come from any web-based third party source. And finally, Qrvey has CSV uploads for all of those files cluttering up your laptop.

Qrvey then offers Data Links, a technique to quickly join any or all of these data sources, into the enhanced dataset you need for your analysis. Data can further be enhanced with web forms, a tool that allows users to update and complete data that may be missing, out of date or incorrect.

With this entire suite of data tools at your disposal, you will no longer require the assistance or an analyst, data scientist or IT department to complete the task at hand. You’ll have easy access to all of the data you need to see the complete picture and make the best possible decisions.

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