Qrvey has never been a traditional business intelligence company. We are not handcuffed by the past, nor are we afraid to take measured risks as we look towards the future. This philosophy can be clearly seen in our products. Our analytic platform is both innovative and built on a modern architecture. But being forward looking doesn’t stop there, it also means taking a different approach with the rest of our business as well, including how customers buy our products.

We think tactics like high-pressure selling, no transparency on pricing and cumbersome sales processes are all in the past and will be increasingly less effective. The future is instead about providing a quick and easy path that allows anyone to try your product, and allowing those who find value in it, to buy it just as simply. No one likes to be “sold” something they might not want or need, but we all enjoy buying things we already know will add value to our lives.

It’s simply not possible for a single BI or analytic product to meet the needs of every customer. So why then do so many vendors still play the “sales” game, trying to cram their offerings into every situation? If your company needs the best data visualization tool in the market today, we’ll send you to Tableau. But if you need the best self service analytic and automation tools, then Qrvey is clearly your winner.

Qrvey makes the sales process easy by removing “sales” from the equation. We believe the future of sales is customer success. We make it easy to set up and try Qrvey for yourself. The value you’ll receive from us will become clear and obvious after you begin using it. That’s because we spend a lot of time listening to our customers and giving them all of the features they need most. We’re obsessed with providing the best self-service data analytics and automation experience you’ll find anywhere, along with the best buying experience possible.

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