AWS Analytics Done Right

Learn how Qrvey’s data and analytics platform harnesses the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide unparalleled self-service and embedded capabilities. In this eBook, you’ll learn the importance of great analytics, how Qrvey taps into the power of AWS to provide unparalleled scalability, flexibility and power, and how effortless it is to put that power into the hands of those who need it most.

You’ll also learn about Qrvey’s unique deployment model that leaves you in control of your data and your infrastructure and why Qrvey is a partner you can trust.

Embedding Business Analytics

Choosing the right tools and services to embed into your product is always challenging. There are always many factors to consider, and the decisions you make today can affect the direction of your product for years. That challenge has always been especially hard when adding analytics to your product.

In this book, we’ll outline the promise and problems with today’s analytic tools and introduce you to a new, modern approach to business analytics in the cloud that delivers the solutions your product needs with a business model specifically tailored for OEM software vendors.

Deploying Business Analytics

Every consultant and systems integrator dreams of having the tools that allow them to deliver feature-rich solutions for their clients with minimal time and effort. However, when it comes to custom solutions that require robust analytic capabilities, these tools are often hard or impossible to find.

In our eBook, “Deploying Business Analytics”, we’ll introduce you to a new, modern approach to business analytics in the cloud that leverage the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can deliver the solutions your clients need in a package that’s built specifically for businesses like yours.

The Future is Self Service

Self-service data, analytics and automation are changing the way businesses run their operations and become data-driven organizations. Learn why your company can’t afford to miss out on the growing business intelligence trend with our eBook, “The Future is Self Service”.

Inside, you’ll learn why self-service analytics matters so much, how to implement it using industry best practices and how Qrvey takes a unique business approach to ensure our OEM and consultancy partners turn data into meaningful insights faster and easier than ever before.