For Systems Integrators

Speed up your development time
and create all-new analytics applications

Stay one step ahead of the competition with the only analytics provider that orchestrates all of the power of AWS into a single analytics platform to give you everything you need.

All of the Tools You Need for Successful Integrations


Connect to all of your data sources including semi- and unstructured data


Augment and enhance your data using Data Router and machine learning


See and visualize your data with self-service and embedded analytics


Build data-driven workflows and data pipelines with a built-in automation engine


Access the latest machine learning and AI tools for data-driven decision making

Qrvey is the only all-in-one analytics platform born on AWS that gives consultants and systems integrators all of the tools they need to quickly build robust analytics functionality for their clients. From data collection and transformation, to analysis and visualization, to automation and machine learning, Qrvey lets you build complete data pipelines and comprehensive analytics applications.

Ushering in the Age of Servware

No longer do you have to build custom analytics solutions for every client. Now you can productize your offerings as servware and build them once to sell to multiple clients on a recurring, subscription basis. Qrvey makes it easy to connect to all of your clients’ data and thanks to its cloud-native architecture with microservices, you’ll always know Qrvey has the power to scale up to meet even the most demanding of requirements.

Built With Systems Integrators In Mind

Qrvey lets you build robust, differentiated solutions faster than any other analytics platform.

Robust API

With Qrvey’s API, you’ll have access to the entire platform, allowing you to quickly integrate an level of analytics functionality. Data collection, analytics, automation and even machine learning tools are always at your fingertips.

Pre-Built Widgets

Widgets allow you to put analytics anywhere they’re needed in record time. Every part of the Qrvey interface is available as a widget, not just the visualizations. You can embed the visualization builders as well.

Simplify Your Analytics

Qrvey deploys into your clients existing AWS accounts, allowing for seamless integrations. Security, privacy and compliance are built in, saving you time and complexity to speed up your deployments and increase revenue.

Embedded Analytics for Companies of Any Size


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Scalable analytics solutions for growing companies

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Powerful, dependable analytics for enterprise applications

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