Top 7 Benefits Of A Modern Healthcare Analytics Platform [+ Infographic]

The healthcare industry (Infographic) is in the middle of a digital revolution. The revolution centers around data, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence all seamlessly converging to provide better patient outcomes with dramatically lower costs. That’s why healthcare providers and software vendors are increasingly turning to modern, cloud-native analytics platforms like Qrvey in order to achieve their goals. Here are the top seven benefits modern analytics offer the healthcare industry.

#1 Accelerate Healthcare Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about a lot more than upgrading legacy systems and storing data in the cloud. It’s about reimagining what data can do and building all-new applications and workflows to make data driven decisions and provide better outcomes faster and for less. Modern healthcare analytics platforms accelerate this process by allowing analytics to be quickly and seamlessly embedded everywhere they’re needed.

#2 Connect and Unify Medical Data

Medical data is being generated in more shapes and sizes than ever before. This creates the need for analytics platforms that can ingest, analyze, visualize and act in real time. That’s what makes Qrvey’s “all data accepted” approach to data so valuable. Qrvey creates a single repository for all your data, including semi- and unstructured sources like the new FHIR medical record standard, which relies heavily on nested JSON. (Learn about our data consolidation capabilities)

#3 Embrace the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Phones, tablets, medical devices, patient monitoring equipment and even the doors and lights at the office are all evolving into the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), leading healthcare providers at a loss to make sense of it all. Fortunately, Qrvey’s Data Router is perfectly suited to ingest and transform real time data from IoT devices and provide up to the minute, or even up the the second, analytics for a number of use cases.

#4 Rely on AI for Healthcare Analytics

With so much disparate data being generated, it’s impossible for humans to make sense of it all. Fortunately, modern analytics can provide advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning profile data, find correlations and patterns, make predictions and ultimately, take actions. Using the power of the cloud, analytics can finally deliver the insights the medical industry requires.

#5 Do More With Analytics + Automation

Analytics without action provides little benefit in today’s world. That’s why modern analytics has evolved beyond just charts, reports and dashboards to include the automation and activation of your data. Qrvey constantly monitors data for user-defined metrics and events to occur, then automatically leaps into action with alerts, notifications, data write-backs, webhooks or whatever actions are required.

#6 Dramatic Healthcare Cost Savings

Analytics in the cloud is only the beginning. Modern platforms like Qrvey are 100% cloud-native and serverless. They eliminate the need for cloud servers and infrastructure that largely sit idle. Qrvey customers are quickly discovering they can do a lot more for a lot less. Especially when compared to legacy systems with legacy price tags.

#7 Be Ready For What Comes Next

Everyone wants an analytics platform that’s ready for the future. That’s why analytics is rapidly moving to the cloud with 3-in-1 solutions like Qrvey. Qrvey includes your entire data pipeline. Data collection and transformation, analysis and visualization, and automation and activation. All are included in a single, seamless solution.

See how Qrvey can take your healthcare applications to the next level. Learn more about our healthcare solutions or schedule a demo today.