Tysons, VA., April 04, 2023 – Qrvey, the first and only embedded analytics platform built specifically for SaaS companies, has promoted Ken Chow to Chief Revenue Officer.

Ken has served as Chief Marketing Officer since 2022 and as Chief Revenue Officer, he will be responsible for overseeing sales and marketing while developing and executing business strategy.

Ken Chow brings over 25 years experience as a technology marketing leader, beginning in the 1990s in Silicon Valley. Since that time, he has led marketing for technology firms in the data quality, financial, cybersecurity, analytics, and AI segments.  

“Ken’s vast experience of the analytics market and his dedication to Qrvey’s vision will strengthen our relationship with customers, drive company growth, and deliver leadership in the SaaS community,” said Arman Eshraghi, CEO of Qrvey. “Ken is instrumental in perfecting our strategy to make Qrvey the de facto choice of embedded analytics for SaaS. This promotion recognizes the significant impact Ken has had on Qrvey’s growth and I am excited to see him continue to drive success – for our company, employees, and customers.“

“I’m fortunate to have worked with Arman and most of the Qrvey team before, and know just how incredibly capable they are in creating the right technology for the right market at the right time,” said Ken. “This opportunity to help drive and guide their growth is one of the greatest in my career, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this exceptional team.”



About Qrvey

Qrvey is an embedded analytics platform that allows SaaS companies to rapidly add a modern analytics layer with rich capabilities that are easily configurable for all types of users. By using Qrvey’s platform to create an embedded analytics layer within their products, SaaS software firms can deliver greater value, unlock new revenue streams, and ensure greater customer loyalty. Unlike traditional BI solutions, which typically require integrating numerous, separate functions, Qrvey delivers a complete, no-code, end-to-end platform that deploys entirely within their customers’ cloud environments, lowering the time and cost of development, deployment, and maintenance. It is the first and only analytics platform built specifically for cloud-native environments, leveraging the full AWS ecosystem to offer rapid deployment of self-service analytics across any type of data. Qrvey’s platform creates the most cost-effective embedded analytics solution on the market, driven by a team with decades of experience in the analytics industry.


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