Soft Computer (SCC)

Soft Computer (SCC) offers full suites of clinical information system solutions that enable clients to meet the evolving needs of today's laboratories. Considered a pioneer in developing laboratory and genetics information management systems, SCC has a history of success in accomplishing complex implementations in large, multisite environments.

SCC is known for innovative and comprehensive laboratory and genetics information systems for the healthcare industry. The company designs, develops, delivers, implements, and supports the most advanced laboratory information systems available in the marketplace today. SCC is committed to combining the most effective technologies, innovative designs, and production methodologies to create solutions that enhance the productivity and competitiveness of their clients.


SCC’s Challenges

SCC had two goals when they first began working with Qrvey.


First, they needed a new, modern solution for distributing analytics to their customers, one that could replace their on-premise systems with a modern cloud architecture. They required a solution that could offer the scalability, reliability and performance they demanded, while also working with larger and more diverse datasets than ever before.


Second, SCC needed to move away from expensive and complicated licensing models that interfered with their ability to grow, scale and meet the needs of their customers, especially regarding self-service analytics. With their current analytics solutions, there was a big penalty for expanding their user base, which made deploying self-service analytics impossible.

Qrvey’s Solution

Qrvey was uniquely positioned to provide SCC with everything they needed, including a modern, all-in-one data and analytics solution that lives natively in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), but is still completely under their control.

The Qrvey platform harnessed the power of AWS services including Elasticsearch, DynamoDB and Sagemaker to deliver powerful, flexible and scalable analytics, while the Qrvey Admin Portal ensured the efficient management of their AWS infrastructure and guaranteed data security and integrity.

By using Qrvey, SCC is now able to analyze large volumes of complex data, including semi- and unstructured, and have the power of the cloud to efficiently scale to meet ever-changing customer demands. Qrvey was also able to provide a simple licensing model that worked with SCC’s business needs, instead of against them, allowing them to deploy self-service analytics as needed.

Powerful Results

By introducing their new “SoftBI Cloud”, SCC has been able to provide their customers with powerful self-service reporting and dashboard features that include all the benefits of native cloud performance and scale.

SCC’s clients can now use and interact with their data in a whole new way and be alerted automatically to changes and outliers that require their attention.

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