Features of the Qrvey
Business Analytics Platform


Connect to All of Your Data
Without Compromises

All Data Accepted

Free your analytics from the confines of structured datasets. Qrvey accepts all of your data, including semi- and unstructured data sources such as files, photos and video, allowing you to finally see the complete data picture.

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Dark Data

Your company generates a lot more data than you might think. Qrvey can shine a light on all of your non-traditional, dark data sources and add them to the analytics equation.

Third-Party Data

So much of today’s most valuable data lives outside of your company firewall. Qrvey easily connects to third-party data sources to create a single, unified analytics data powerhouse.

Web Forms

You can only get the right answers if you ask the right questions. That’s why Qrvey’s built-in web forms make it easy to collect new data or augment the data you already have.


Get All of Your Data
Ready for Analysis

AI-Enabled Data Profiling

Qrvey automatically profiles new data as it’s being collected using enhanced AI capabilities for features like objection detection, key phases, sentiment analysis and more.


Ensure your data is complete, accurate and ready for analysis using hundreds of powerful transformation functions that can supercharge any dataset.

Serverless and Scalable

Qrvey has assembled dozens AWS microservices to deliver a 100% serverless analytics platform that scales effortlessly and efficiently to meet the most demanding of use cases while still controlling costs.

Data Router

Qrvey’s Data Router is your centralized hub for connecting to all of your existing data sources, managing data loads and optimizing performance to keep your data flowing at the speed of your business.

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See Your Data With Powerful Visualization Tools

Chart Builder

Build beautiful, feature rich charts and visualizations using Qrvey’s easy-to-use chart builder that includes advanced, interactive functions like drill downs, filters and actions.

Report Builder

Quickly build multi-page and multi-tab interactive reports that can easily be embedded or shared with everyone who needs to know critical information.

Page Builder

Use Qrvey’s page builder to create stand alone or embedded analytics applications complete with navigation, actions and user access controls to keep your data safe and secure.

Data Views

See your data from every angle using Qrvey’s built-in data views that include data profiles, custom views and tabular view options that are editable and interactive.


Supercharge Your Entire
Data Pipeline With Automation

24/7 Data Monitoring

Qrvey’s powerful automation layer continually keeps watch over your data and can take action instantly as new data is received or when user-defined KPI thresholds are met.

Easy-To-Build Workflows

Qrvey features a self-service workflow builder that makes it easy for even non-technical users to automate common tasks and make things happen the moment conditions change.

User-Defined Triggers

Automation can be triggered automatically as new data is received or when user-defined conditions and thresholds are met, allowing all-new types of data-driven applications to be created. 

Business Logic

Take your automation to new heights with conditional rules that add powerful business logic to your workflows and applications.


Decision Making at The Speed of Data

Data-Driven Decision Making

Qrvey delivers on the promise of data-driven decision making with a platform that collects, analyzes and acts all on it’s own by sending alerts or updating third-party systems.

Integrated AI/ML

Machine learning is built into the entire Qrvey platform, from data collection to actions, delivering enhanced capabilities and additional insights every step of the way.

Update 3rd Party Systems

Analytics doesn’t have to operate in a vacuum. That’s why Qrvey is able to connect and update third-party systems to make things happen as the data requires.

Alerts & Notifications

Move beyond stale, scheduled reports. Set alerts and notifications so users receive only the information they need, when they need it.


Your Data and Infrastructure Belong to You

SDLC Support

Qrvey deploys directly into your existing AWS account and supports SLDC use cases, with multiple instances for development, testing and production.

Users & Permissions

Protect your data and applications with full access to centrally-administered controls for users, roles and permissions that includes single sign-on integration.

White Labeling

Qrvey fully supports embedded use cases with white labeling. The entire interface can be fully customized to match your needs.

Widgets & APIs

Extend your analytics everywhere with Qrvey’s powerful APIs, while pre-built widgets save time and get your analytic up and running in record time.

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