Features of the Qrvey
Business Analytics Platform

Your Path To Analytics On AWS

AWS has dozens of services to power your data and analytics needs, and Qrvey is the fastest and easiest path to tap into all of them without spending months on development. Our platform is architected as a comprehensive solution that gives you all of the functionality you need for a fraction of the time, cost and effort.

Unique Deployment Model

Qrvey is not a SaaS application. We deploy directly into your own AWS cloud account, ensuring that you are always in complete control of your data and your infrastructure for compliance and data security purposes while still leveraging the power of the cloud for performance and scale. That’s why Qrvey is the logical choice for adding analytics to any new or existing AWS application.

Focus on Machine Learning

Machine learning is the future of analytics. It provides the ability to organize and analyze data at the speed it is created and the ability to take intelligent actions automatically, learning as it goes. Qrvey’s platform delivers on the promise of self-service and embedded analytics by bringing answers and insights directly to users rather than the other way around.

All Data Accepted

Qrvey is built on a powerful Elasticsearch core that will accept all of your data, including structured, semi- and unstructured data, files, photos, audio and video. All your data is efficiently ingested using the power of AWS for maximum speed, with machine learning automatically applied for smart features such as sentiment analysis, image recognition, key phrase detection and more.

Supercharged Self-Service

Self-service analytics should be about more than just allowing users to create a visualization. Qrvey’s self service allows users to use our entire all-in-one platform to build so much more, from web forms for data collection to workflows for data automation.

Enhanced Embedding

Legacy vendors limit embedding to just end-user content. With Qrvey, software providers can not only embed charts, reports, metrics and dashboards, but they can also embed the powerful tools that create them, allowing users to easily build their own analytics applications.

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