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Tableau is a popular platform for data visualization, but it is starting to show its age. Qrvey was built from the ground up with the modern architecture needed to deliver the performance required by today’s demanding analytics projects. Qrvey can ingest any data, not just structured data, activating the 70% of dark data that gets missed by legacy tools like Tableau.

100% Cloud-Native
Structured Data
Semi-Structured Data
Unstructured Data
All-in-One Platform
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Unlimited Users
Fully Embeddable
White Label
Embedded-Friendly Licensing

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5 Key Ways Qrvey Beats Tableau


Tableau = Self Service – Embedded

Tableau remains largely a self-service, single-user desktop visual analysis tool for internal uses. It is not designed for distributed and embedded use cases. 


Qrvey = Self Service + Embedded

Qrvey was built for self-service and embedded analytics. It includes APIs and pre-built widgets that make it easy to share and disseminate insights and analysis no matter where they are needed.

Winner, Qrvey


Incomplete Data Picture

Tableau is compatible with traditional ODBC-compliant data sources and performs best with small to midsize data volumes. Analyzing semi- and unstructured data and unlocking your company’s dark data is not possible. 


All Data Accepted

Qrvey is able to analyze structured, semi- and unstructured datasets as well as ingest, transform and aggregate all data into Elasticsearch for maximum performance – even with large datasets spanning hundreds of millions of rows.

Winner, Qrvey


Focused on Data Visualizations

Tableau is a traditional data visualization tool that relies on third-party integrations with companies like Alteryx for data ingestion and ETL. It offers no built-in data collection or automation capabilities beyond basic scheduling and alerts and is limited in its AI/ML capabilities.


Qrvey is an All-in-One Platform

Qrvey, is an all-in-one analytics platform that includes data collection, transformation, analysis, automation and actions as well as integration with AI/ML capabilities. Qrvey allows users to build robust analytics applications and complete data pipelines for individual, self-service and embedded use cases.

Winner, Qrvey


Outdated Architecture

Tableau uses a traditional client/server architecture that heavily relies on its desktop application. The server component can be run inside a container “in the cloud” but does not run cloud-native, limiting its scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency and ultimately its utility as an analytics platform.


Qrvey is Cloud-Native

Qrvey is a native cloud-based platform that is deployed into your existing cloud account on AWS. This ensures that you’re always in control of your data and infrastructure and can quickly and cost-effectively scale using Qrvey’s compilation of dozens of different AWS microservices and a serverless architecture.

Winner, Qrvey


Licensing Is Not Scaleable

Tableau offers limited support for embedded B2B use cases, however it is typically licensed on a per-user basis. This, along with a lack of a white label offering, makes it less than ideal for embedded and distributed applications which require large and dynamic user bases.


Qrvey Includes Unlimited Users

Qrvey was built from the ground up with a B2B mindset. It includes robust APIs and pre-built UI widgets for white-labeling and embedded use cases. Qrvey is packaged and licensed for embedded use cases with the experience, support and guidance you need to be successful.

Winner, Qrvey

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