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Dark Data

What is Dark Data?

Dark data is defined as the data you’re storing, but not analyzing. Typically this data is being held for compliance reasons or security policies that sits around doing nothing but taking up space. It’s not data that fits easily into relational (e.g. MySQL) databases so traditional BI vendors cannot help you do anything with it. So it sits there, collecting metaphorical dust. Meanwhile you may be sitting on missed opportunities to save cost, find efficiencies or provide better customer service.

If your company is making decisions based on partial, incomplete or inaccurate data, you’re putting your entire organization at risk. You need an analytics platform that was architected for today’s decision-making requirements. One that can ingest all types of data no matter what its structure or where it lives.

You need a platform that has the power and performance to give you the answers you need, when you need them. And one that can harness the power of AWS to take action and bring the insights to you using the latest in automation and machine learning. Including all of your data into your decision making is no longer optional, it’s essential.

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