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OEM Embedded Analytics

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What is OEM Embedded Analytics

OEM embedded analytics is a term that refers to the integration of data analysis and visualization capabilities into a software product or application by a third-party vendor.

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which means that the vendor provides the analytics solution as a component or a service that can be embedded into another software product. OEM embedded analytics can often be referred to as OEM business intelligence software.

The software product that embeds the analytics solution can be a SaaS (software as a service) or an ISV (independent software vendor) product.

What are the Benefits of OEM Embedded Analytics

OEM embedded analytics can provide many benefits for both the software product owner and the end-user.

Some of the benefits are:

Enhanced user experience:

OEM embedded analytics can improve the user experience of the software product by providing data-driven insights and solutions within the context of the product, without requiring the user to switch to a separate analytics tool or platform. This can increase user satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Increased product value and differentiation:

OEM embedded analytics can add value and differentiation to the software product by offering a comprehensive and customizable analytics solution that meets the specific needs and preferences of the user. This can create a competitive edge over other products that do not offer embedded analytics or offer a limited or generic analytics solution.

Reduced development time and cost:

OEM analytics can save time and money for the software product owner by eliminating the need to build their own analytics solution from scratch. Building an OEM embedded business analytics solution can be complex and expensive, requiring a lot of resources, expertise, and maintenance.

By using a third-party embedded analytics solution, the software product owner can focus on their core product functionality and value proposition, and leverage the expertise and support of the analytics vendor. Read Build vs Buy Trap.

New revenue streams and opportunities:

OEM analytics can create new revenue streams and opportunities for the software product owner by allowing them to charge more for their product and service, and create additional value for their customers.

For example, the software product owner can offer an OEM analytics tool as a premium feature or service, or provide the option to create and customize dashboards and reports.


OEM embedded analytics is a powerful and cost-effective way to enhance and differentiate a software product or application with data analysis and data visualization capabilities.

By using a third-party embedded analytics solution such as Qrvey, the software product can deliver a better user experience, increase product value and differentiation, reduce development time and cost, and create new revenue streams and opportunities.

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