How to Monetize Your Embedded Analytics

Watch to learn how monetizing your analytics can be an effective strategy to drive revenue in this uncertain climate.

While SaaS applications have enjoyed years of ongoing growth, the stability of revenue is not guaranteed. The global economy is poised to slow further and face an economic downturn, causing SaaS providers to search for ways to reduce churn and increase revenue. 

In this webinar, Qrvey’s CTO, David Abramson, and Head of Customer Success, Natan Cohen, share effective strategies to monetize your analytics to boost your revenue.

In this webinar, they’ll share:

  • Steps for identifying monetization opportunities
  • Strategies for monetizing analytics
  • Tips for ensuring your monetization is a success
  • Case studies and success stories

Presented By:

David Abramson

Chief Technology Officer

Natan Cohen

Head of Customer Success


How to Monetize Your Embedded Analytics

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