Privacy Policy

  1. What data do we collect and how do we collect it?
    1. Direct collection – Information input directly into Qrvey by you
      1. Account information
        1. To make Qrveys or view the results of Qrveys you have taken, you need to sign up for an account. For the creation of the account we need to collect your email address and a password of your choosing. You may also choose to complete your Qrvey profile which entails submitting your full name and organization. The profile completion is not required.
      2. Recipient emails
        1. When Makers send Qrveys by email, the addresses are submitted to us so that we can send out said Qrveys by email. These email addresses are also stored so that Makers can easily send out Qrveys to those they have already sent one or more to in the past. These emails are treated with the utmost confidentiality and will never be used by Qrvey, nor shared with others.
      3. Taker email prompt
        1. Upon successfully completing a Qrvey, the Taker is prompted to share their email address so that they may get the results. Sharing your email is not mandatory, but is required to have access to the results.
      4. Billing information – For Qrvey Pro members, a credit card is required for payment. The billing details that are required to process that payment are sent to and handled by Stripe, a service provider we work with to handle payment processing. We don’t receive nor ever retain any of your billing information.
      5. Qrvey forms and data – As the service is hosted by us, we also store your Qrvey forms and relevant data. We do not own this data – Makers own the data to Qrveys they create and disseminate. Taking this into account, should you have any questions or concerns about a specific Qrvey, you should direct these to the Qrvey’s Maker whose email can be found in the Qrvey results.
      6. Qrvey responses – When you submit a Qrvey, we collect and store the information on behalf of that Qrvey’s Maker. As stated above, if you have questions about the Qrvey you have received, we encourage you to contact the Maker directly.
      7. Other information that you submit to us intentionally – Anytime you submit personal information to us in any context beyond providing our service, we may retain it. This could include basic information about you from your social media pages, should you choose to use such an avenue to spread Qrveys that you make. We will only collect the information that is necessary for us to provide our services to you.
    2. Passive collection – Information gathered through service providers, your devices, and third party services
      1. Referring links – When you come to our site from an external source, we collect information about the referent which sent you our way.
      2. Devices – When you interact with our site through any device, we capture information such as your IP address, your system specifications, operating system, web browser, and of course, the device information.
      3. Usage – We log information about how individual devices interact with our site and service, when they are active, for how long, how much time they spend on pages, and where they are likely to be located based on IP address.
    3. Marketing Collection – information we receive from you as part of our marketing efforts
      1. We use cookies to track your activities throughout our web properties in order to provide you with a consistent and customized browsing experience. 
      2. Additionally, any information you provide to us, such as your name, email and physical address, will be used to share relevant content with you to help with your buying experience. We use your email address as our primary identifier. If you’d like to see the information we have currently collected, submit or would like us to remove your information from our database, please contact us via the information in the footer of this page.
  2. How do we use the data we collect?
    1. To provide our services to you
      1. Qrvey – As a data collection tool, it is necessary for us to be able to collect and use data in order to fulfill our function. This includes collecting Qrvey responses on behalf of the Qrvey Maker to create a results page from the data.
      2. Support – In cases where a technical issue is preventing you from using our services, resolution may demand access to your forms or particular system information.
    2. To improve our service
      1. We may use the information we’ve collected to analyze user behaviors in order to understand how we might improve user experience & further develop our features, improve our marketing efforts to be more relevant to users, and to keep our software secure & functional.
    3. To get in touch with you
      1. Marketing emails may be opted-out of, but that is not the case for communications regarding billing or changes affecting your/all account(s). This would include emails regarding changes to this Privacy Policy and/or our Terms of Service.
    4. To enforce our Terms of Service
      1. Data quality – At Qrvey, we pride ourselves on the high standard of quality of the data we collect and present to you. We use cookies to ensure that Takers do not skew the data by submitting multiple responses to a single Qrvey. To do so is a violation of our Terms of Service and can result in a suspension or deactivation of your account without notice.
      2. Using Qrvey for any illicit purposes is both illegal (wow) and against our Terms of Service (unbelievable). Discovery of any illicit use of Qrvey will result in immediate account termination, and, if applicable and necessary, the reporting of the offense to the appropriate authorities. A list of unacceptable uses of Qrvey by our standards can be found at the link indicated.
    5. To comply with notices, subpoenas, and legally binding orders
      1. Legal notices and subpoenas will be dealt with at our discretion. In the case of legally binding orders we will comply as the law demands.
  3. With whom do we share information?
    1. Qrvey responses with their Makers
      1. While we do collect, store, and process Taker responses to Qrveys, the results are wholly owned and managed by the Qrvey Maker.
    2. Public Qrvey responses with Takers
      1. The free tiers of Qrvey allow for the first five letters of Taker emails, the Taker’s name, or no identifying information whatsoever to be attributed to individual responses at the Taker’s discretion. Only the first two options allow Takers to view the results of the Qrvey. For the premium services that we have dubbed “Qrvey Pro”, Makers can choose to keep the results private, and in such cases Takers will not have access to the results. Users are informed before starting a Qrvey what information will be shared and with whom.
    3. Our service providers
      1. Service providers are third parties we rely on to provide you with our services. An example of this would be Stripe, our payment processor. They have a great track record and come highly recommended by the folks here at Qrvey. We only work with reputable companies that have proven their trustworthiness and dedication to taking privacy as seriously as we do. Even then, the only information we provide to them is what they need to perform their service for us, nothing more, nothing less.
    4. Lawful authorities and organizations in the case of accounts using that organization’s email domains
      1. As stated above, legal notices and subpoenas will be handled at our discretion. In the case of legally binding orders we will comply as the law demands.
      2. If you register a Qrvey account with an organization address and a verified authority within said organization specifically requests a list of all accounts with their organization’s email domain, we will comply with their request. This is to aid organizations in preventing unauthorized communications in their name.
    5. Those you explicitly permit us to share your information with
      1. That is to say, we will never share your information without your permission beyond what is required to provide our service to you and abide by the law.
  4. How can you view and /or change the information we have stored for you?
    1. Login information
      1. Your login email address and password can be changed from your profile under the heading “Account Settings”
    2. Qrvey deletion
      1. Upon deletion of a Qrvey the results and form are lost. At this time, we do not support retrieval of accidentally deleted Qrveys. If someone has saved the results page by means of screen capture or any other method (we do not support export of Qrvey results at this time), they will be able to retain that information as we will not have access to it.
    3. Changing profile details
      1. The effects of changing the information in your profile will carry through to all Qrveys you have taken as well.
    4. Account deletion
      1. You may request to have your account deleted by contacting support. By deleting your account, any forms you have made, Qrveys you have sent, results you have collected, and answers you have submitted to other Qrveys will also be deleted. Presently we are unable to restore deleted accounts.
    5. Note on exporting results
      1. We do not support any method of exporting or otherwise downloading Qrvey results at this time. This applies to both Takers and Makers.
    6. Note on data retention
      1. Information that has been deleted by users may still be stored on our backups until they are overwritten. Currently we overwrite our backups every day, and as such it will take only a single day to have all deleted data purged.
  5. Security information
    1. Data storage and security
      1. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host our services and any related data including results, forms, account information, and so on. AWS has an exceptional track record for data security. As a cloud based service, the data is distributed across any number of locations, so there is no specific location of your data. We also take internal measures in developing our software to ensure your data’s security. We don’t store your billing information at all, and encrypt all service traffic with modern ciphers to ensure what is yours stays yours.
    2. Do Not Track (DNT) headers and browser requests
      1. While we don’t honor DNT requests, the data we collect through Marketo and Google Analytics are not used to collect your personal information, by which we mean anything that could identify you as a person specifically. We use the data from these services to understand the behaviors of users such as yourself better in order that we may improve our website and service’s user experience.
    3. Use of cookies
      1. We use use cookies for authentication which also allows us to remember your login information. This way you don’t have to log in every time you want to view results or make a Qrvey. Most modern browsers allow you to disable cookies should you so desire, but doing so will hamper certain features on many websites including ours.
    4. Social media features
      1. We allow you to link your Qrvey accounts to your social media accounts to help you spread your Qrveys to your desired audience. We only collect the basic information required for us to allow you to share your Qrveys. Linking social media accounts is entirely optional.
    5. Children and Qrvey
      1. In accordance to COPPA, since we are unable to comply with the requirements to allow children to use our service and keep their information safe & secure, we must prohibit the use of Qrvey by those that would be considered minors (by which it is meant: to be less than 13 years of age). This app was not designed to used by, nor gather data from such persons. If you know of a violation of this policy by a particular account or group of accounts, we ask that you contact customer service promptly to ensure an expedient resolution of the matter.

Thank you for taking the time to read our privacy policies. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know by contacting support.