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Embedded Analytics Solutions for the IoT SaaS Applications

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IoT Analytics Platforms Faces Unique Challenges

For IoT providers, the challenge has quickly shifted from merely connecting devices and collecting data from devices to the far greater challenge of analyzing and acting on the mountains of data that are now being created within IoT analytics solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IoT analytics?

IoT analytics solutions include collecting and analyzing data from internet-connected sensors, devices and systems to generate insights about operations, efficiency and product usage.

  • IoT engineers/analysts
  • Operations managers
  • Product managers
  • Executives in manufacturing, transportation, energy and other IoT adopting industries.
  • Sensor monitoring – Analyze sensor data to detect anomalies and trigger alerts.
  • Predictive maintenance – Forecast equipment failures to optimize maintenance scheduling.
  • Usage patterns – Analyze product usage data to redesign products or target new applications.
  • Operational optimization – Analyze systemic efficiencies to reduce costs and waste.
  • Supply chain tracking – Monitor location, condition and handling of supply chain assets in transit.
  • Smart spaces – Provide insights about occupancy, energy use, environmental conditions in workplaces/cities.
  • Network management – Monitor network performance in near real-time to improve quality of service.