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All-in-One Business Analytics Platform


Connect to all of your data sources including semi- and unstructured data


Augment and enhance your data using Data Router and machine learning


See and visualize your data with self-service and embedded analytics


Build data-driven workflows and data pipelines with a built-in automation engine


Access the latest machine learning and AI tools for data-driven decision making

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If you think analytics is just about visualizations and dashboards, think again!

If you want your business to evolve into a truly data-driven organization, you need to take a new approach to analytics and consider the big picture. Analytics is no longer just about reports and metrics… it’s about the cloud and it includes your entire data pipeline.

It’s About The Data

All analytics start with data. If you want to solve your dark data problem, you need to do more than just connect to existing data sources. You need tools to:

Collect new data
Augment, enhance and transform existing data
Make use of all of your data
Be ready for real-time analysis

Modern analytics must include your unstructured data.

It’s About Automation

The job of analytics doesn’t end when the charts are created. It ends when those insights are in the hands of the people that need them or when actions have been taken. That’s why distribution, automation and embeddability are crucial in building the next generation of data-driven workflows and applications.

Automation and workflows
Distribution and sharing

Modern analytics must include Automation.

It’s About Architecture

Legacy architectures don’t cut it in today’s cloud-enabled world. If your analytics platform isn’t cloud-native, serverless and leveraging microservices on AWS, then it’s not ready to scale or include any of the major advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

100% microservices based

Modern analytics must include machine learning.

It’s About Your Business

When is the perfect analytics platform not perfect? When it doesn’t fit your business. You need a company that understands that embedded analytics isn’t just a feature set, it’s a mindset. If your analytics provider isn’t focused on embedding, they won’t have the pricing, licensing or experience you need to scale and be successful.

Flexible licensing

Modern analytics must include Qrvey.

See the BIG Picture…

Qrvey is the analytics platform built with the big picture in mind. We are the only 100% microservices based all-in-one platform built on AWS. Data, analytics, automation and machine learning all come standard. So does our decades of experience providing embedded and distributed analytics solutions for companies like you.

Don’t waste time revisiting yesterday’s analytics solutions. If you’re in the AWS ecosystem and need embedded or distributed analytics, Qrvey is your logical choice. Schedule a demo of Qrvey today and see how we can transform the way you think about analytics.