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FHIR Analytics in Healthcare

Turning Patient Data Into Actionable Insights With Your Own FHIR Data Platform Available Within Your SaaS Application.

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What is FHIR?

FHIR – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources – is the new standard for patient data when exchanging data between healthcare systems.

Traditionally, healthcare information systems have used differing and proprietary standards for storing patient data. FHIR, led by HL7 International, aims to change that. This enables technology companies to quickly and seamlessly exchange patient data. With a single, standards-based data and API format, it puts security and privacy at core of the entire process.

This new medical data standard opens the door adding advanced embedded analytics features directly within SaaS applications.

Why is FHIR Analytics Important to Healthcare?

As healthcare data evolves, so does healthcare analytics. The FHIR standard for patient record information will open new opportunities to analyze, visualize and automate different aspects of healthcare data in realtime.

Everyday new use cases for FHIR analytics rise up and include:

FHIR Healthcare Analytics Data Visualization Examples

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How Qrvey’s Handles FHIR Data in Healthcare Analytics

Key capabilities of Qrvey embedded analytics plaform that enable scalable analysis of FHIR healthcare data.

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Qrvey is the Leader in Embedded Analytics Software
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