TYSONS, Va., Feb 8, 2023 / PRNewswire/Qrvey, the embedded analytics platform built for SaaS companies, today announced that it has released Qrvey 8.0, a major new release that incorporates features and functionality that further increases the ability of their customers to leverage this complete embedded analytics layer. These key elements make it even easier to optimize data structures and processes, incorporate a wider array of formats, and provide end-users a richer experience that makes the resulting applications “stickier” across organizations.

Qrvey is the first and only embedded analytics platform purpose-built for the unique needs of SaaS software. This includes the flexibility to adapt the platform to suit the SaaS development and product lifecycle. This flexibility is now extended with Qrvey “Live Connect”, which enables real-time data support, a key element of operational analytics. This makes the optimization of data sources like Snowflake® and Amazon Redshift much easier, improving performance and lowering costs. These database-as-a-service offerings are often priced on a per-hour basis, so deployments must be carefully managed to avoid unnecessary expense. Additional enhancements include native connection to parquet, and other popular columnar data formats, the addition of AWS Batch, which increases processing efficiency, and the deployment of “pixel perfect” reports, which together with adaptive and responsive reports and dashboards, allows end users improved ways to share key insights and discoveries.

“This release reflects our core focus on offering a platform that fits the way SaaS companies need to operate” said David Abramson, CTO of Qrvey. “Our customers have an incredibly wide variety of use cases they must adapt to, and the choices and flexibility we deliver fits the demands of their product lifecycle. By incorporating these types of features, we’ve done the work, so they don’t have to.”


About Qrvey

Qrvey is the first and only embedded analytics platform built from the ground up to help SaaS companies generate more revenue and increase developer efficiency by simplifying the process of putting actionable insights in the hands of all their customers and users. Qrvey’s AWS-native platform delivers a complete embedded analytics layer, and is driven by a team with decades of experience in the analytics industry. Qrvey deploys into your cloud so you’re always in total control of your data and infrastructure, and Qrvey’s unique combination of data management, embedded analytics and embedded automation offer SaaS product leaders the ability to truly differentiate their products and increase their value to their customers.


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