David Abramson, Chief Technology Officer at Qrvey, hosts a podcast, “Building Better SaaS.” Our latest episode featured Artem Koren, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Sembly AI, a SaaS platform that helps to make meetings more effective.

You can watch or listen to the podcast here and we’ve covered some highlights of their discussion below.

How has the recent AI explosion impacted your business?

“Sembly AI was founded in 2019, so we’ve been in this game prior to the big wave of innovation. It’s definitely been a very game-changing year for us, and really any application that deals with AI. There’s been a lot of great positive changes, one is around awareness. Many more people and organizations are now aware of the value proposition of AI, and so that definitely gave us a big boost. Whereas earlier we had to really do a lot of explaining and education around why our product is really valuable and useful, and why not having an AI in your meetings is crazy. But today, we have a lot of companies coming to us because they understand the awesomeness and they want to have it for themselves. 

“And then, of course, the actual availability of more cogent LLMs has brought in a big shift in the kinds of technologies that are built and how they’re built. And of course, we’ve incorporated that into our product. And that’s enabled different areas of our solution to get a lot more powerful and continue to get more powerful into next year.”

When to leverage external AI services & models vs. building in-house?

“From my perspective, it always has to be driven by the result that you’re trying to achieve. And if there’s something out there that already does a great job with a good cost basis, there’s really no reason to try to do a home brew. Where does the value lie? Because a lot of these large foundational models are great. They solve a lot of use cases really well, and they’re also continuously improving.

“So, unless you have a very niche target that you’re trying to get to that the models out there today cannot achieve for some reason, I don’t really see a reason to custom train. Very often, the really powerful LLMs are already able to provide the kind of value points that you need.”

What role do integrations play?

“Integrations are a big deal for us. And it plays into the automation aspect of our platform. One very natural thing to want to do once you have an AI teammate in your meeting is to automate some of the follow-on activity beyond the meeting, and the more you can do that, the more productive your AI agent is, and the better your life becomes on the team.”

How do you see the meeting space changing in the future? 

“I would say AI augmented meeting scenarios are going to be the future. In some sense, it’s already the present. We have customers who are heavy users of Sembly and they are already benefiting from this. But I think most companies will get to where all meeting activity will be exposed to AI to some extent because that multiplies the benefit of that meeting so many times.

“I think in the future it would make sense for conferencing platforms to provide certain special facilities for AI agents joining. Then over time those agents will probably become more interactive during meetings, so they’ll be able to participate, hopefully in ways that, initially, aren’t too disruptive and eventually very useful.

“And lastly, and I think this is very sci-fi, but I totally think this will happen eventually, you’ll have AI agents from one company meeting with AI Agents from another company, and humans don’t necessarily need to be on the call. That’s maybe another couple of years or more.”

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