Everyone knows that these days, data is everywhere. But what they might not realize is just how much, and how fast, that data has changed over just the past few years. In fact, your company’s data has changed so much that most traditional data tools can’t even analyze it… and that’s a big problem.

In years past, enterprise data mainly came from accounting and operations systems. These systems produced a steady, consistent stream of customer, inventory and transactional data that could be easily stored, retrieved and analyzed later on. But look at all that’s changed in just the past five years.

Today, the next generation of 5G wireless promises unheard of speed in the palm of your hand. The cost of wireless sensors that monitor just about any aspect of our physical world has fallen to almost zero. And the cost to store whatever data you have in the cloud has also become negligible. It’s no wonder cloud computer continues to grow at breakneck speeds and there are already billions of devices connected to the Internet.

Then there’s the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We didn’t used to be able to analyze audio, video and text in realtime, but now thanks to AI, our voicemails can be transcribed and cataloged instantly while your doctor has your latest x-rays scanned by machines for the best diagnosis. We truly are in a new age of data and a new age of possibilities.

As the old saying goes, when the facts change, you need to change your mind. That’s becoming increasingly true with your company’s data. Structured, SQL-based systems simply aren’t equipped to handle your company’s audio, video, files, sensor data, server logs and the mountains of other data being created on a daily basis. They’re also not designed to handle the hundreds of millions of rows you may ask it process. And it’s also not flexible enough to handle internal, external and cloud requests all at the same time.

Today’s enterprise needs the flexibility to ingest all types of data and make that data instantly available for analysis. Structured, semi- and unstructured data needs to not only live side by side, but be easily combined with each other. And your company’s data needs to be easily combined with that of your employees and likely several third parties as well.

In order to navigate today’s new data world, you need a new data system like Qrvey. Qrvey is a modern, self-service analytic and automation platform that utilizes the power of no-code analytic apps to make your company’s data available everywhere it’s needed. Qrvey also features a hybrid cloud deployment model that is 100% cloud native but still deploys into your own cloud account for maximum data security and control.

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