You may have noticed some legacy business intelligence providers touting their cloud offerings lately. That’s because the cloud is increasingly a must-have for software providers that need embedded analytics. However, this doesn’t mean that all clouds are created equal. In fact, there are several key differences that separate Qrvey from everyone else. Qrvey is the only native-cloud embedded analytics platform in the market today that’s built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and this gives our customers several key advantages, namely we’re not a cloud, we’re deployed to your cloud.

Qrvey is Deployed to Your AWS Environment

Only Qrvey allows software providers to maintain full control over their environment. Qrvey is not a Saas offering. We deploy directly into your own AWS account, so you have full control over your data and infrastructure. You have the flexibility to decide how to deploy Qrvey, either single- or multi-tenant, and you can choose how and when to scale your instances with multiple AWS cloud configurations at your fingertips. When it comes time for upgrades, Qrvey makes it easy to decide which versions of our software get installed and to which deployments. By deploying into your cloud, you are always in control of your data. Privacy and security are guaranteed.

Serverless Is the Future of Software Architecture

The next big advantage is that only Qrvey is built on serverless technology. Many companies have migrated to the cloud, expecting to see the benefits of scalability, performance, resilience and modularity, only to discover their applications did not deliver on any of these promises. In order to truly take advantage of the cloud, you can’t simply deploy to the cloud, you need to be engineered from the ground up to harness its power. Not only does Qrvey enjoy scalability, performance, resilience and modularity, we do so while delivering significant cost savings thanks to our best-in-class microservice architecture. Service-based, not server-based.

AWS Is Where SaaS Providers Choose to Host Their Apps

The final advantage Qrvey offers SaaS providers is the self-service layer we’ve built on top of Amazon’s multi-billion dollar Web Services investment. As AWS debuts exciting new services in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and analytics, only Qrvey’s architecture is designed to quickly integrate them into our platform. That means Qrvey can provide the latest, cutting edge features and functionality faster than any other provider.

When comparing cloud analytic providers, be sure to consider all of these key differentiators that will ensure successful deployments for years to come.


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