Software product managers are tasked with building a great experience for their users. But there simply isn’t enough time or resources to build all of that experience in house. That means most PMs are always on the hunt for industry-leading technologies and services they can quickly and easily add to their product… technologies that help solve their biggest challenges, delight their users and set them apart from the competition. What product managers ultimately want are easily embeddable features that let them go to market faster, increase their user satisfaction and offer unparalleled innovation.

And that’s why product managers love Qrvey.

Qrvey is the natural choice for modernizing your current analytic offerings because we’re the only cloud-native analytic platform that was built for embedded applications. We offer PMs a host of features that allow them to go to market faster, increased their user satisfaction and provide unparalleled innovation.

Put simply, there is no faster way to add rich, self-service analytic capabilities to your product than embedding Qrvey. Our Data Router makes connecting to data sources faster and easier than ever before, no matter what they are or where they live. Our no-code application builder makes creating interactive charts, reports, metrics and dashboards easy enough for anyone to master.  And unlike legacy BI software, our entire platform was built from the ground up for embedding, with prebuilt widgets and robust APIs to provide maximum flexibility.

Your users are a constant source of feature and enhancement requests. But when it comes to analytics, its nearly impossible to anticipate, let alone meet, the steady stream of new charts and reports your users would love to have. That’s what makes Qrvey’s self-service capabilities so valuable. By embedding self-service components once, you can let your users interact with their data in whole new ways, vastly increasing user satisfaction and putting you ahead of the competition. Modernizing your analytics platform gives you all of these benefits and so much more.

Finally, let’s talk about innovation. Meeting deadlines often means having little time to research and truly innovate with new features. Fortunately, Qrvey is a fully cloud-native application that leverages 100% of Amazon Web Services to provide access to the very latest in self-service, AI/ML and augmented analytics capabilities. This allows software companies to future-proof their analytic offerings through continual innovation and upgrades, and by expanding your analytics toolkit with dozens of great features. By embedding Qrvey, you can focus on your core competencies while we innovate on analytics. We’re happy to share our product roadmap with our OEM partners we’ll always be in sync. No other vendor can match the speed of innovation nor the quality of service that Qrvey provides.

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