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Why SaaS Companies Prefer Qrvey vs Yellowfin for Embedded Analytics

It’s a complete embedded solution

white label analytics

Transparent and predictable licensing

Deploy to unlimited environments

embedded analytics dashboard

Qrvey has a strong roadmap

healthcare analytics dashboard

Support that is by your side

How Qrvey Stacks Up Against Yellowfin

qrvey vs yellowfin

G2 Reviews Confirm Qrvey is Here For Your Success

Product Direction

Quality of Support

About Yellowfin

Yellowfin BI is a business intelligence software vendor based in Austrailia. Their original focus, when they were founded in 2003, was to serve internal use cases with a traditional BI tool tackling traditional data problems. 

Yellowfin is primarily a front-end only solution, as with most business intelligence solutions. They focus on user experience of their standalone application leaving data performance to their customers to solve. They talk about the breadth of their live connections, but the burden of creating a scalable, multi-tenant data warehouse with the necessary security controls falls on engineering teams.

Yellowfin was acquired in 2022 by Idera and since that time prospects report seeing little product improvement from Yellowfin which likely contribute to their G2 scores mentioned above. 

Yellowfin certainly has nice looking charts and dashboards, but any SaaS leader knows that a successful embedded analytics feature requires more than good looking bar charts.

Customer choose Qrvey for many reasons, but none more important than treating everyone like a partner, not a customer. Reviews speak for themselves.

What Makes Qrvey Different for Embedded Analytics


Built to scale on serverless technology from AWS


Easy embedding within multi-tenant environments


A 100% embeddable solution


Customizable workflows puts data into action


Your success is priority #1


Straight forward, no hidden fees


A team that understands embedded analytics better than anyone


Deployed to your environment for ultimate control

Speed to Onboard

Fast time to market and to delight your customers


Qrvey is the Leader in Embedded Analytics Software

Qrvey leads the analytics industry for embedded analytics tools, but don’t take our word for it.

Qrvey is the Leader in Embedded Analytics Software
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Qrvey G2Qrvey

Voted High Performer Embedded Analytics Solution on G2

"Excellent platform for embedded, cloud-native analytics and automation on AWS"

Dara K — Analytics Program

”The people of Qrvey are incredible”

AC — Software Administrator

”Excellent Product and Customer Support”

Srinivasa S — CTO

"Fantastic Analytics Platform"

Ali A — CEO

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