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IT Analytics Helps IT Focused SaaS Platforms Grow

IT software vendors are the glue that helps companies plan, execute and ultimately complete successful digital transformations. As the number of cloud services has exploded, and the complexity of integration options has grown.

The role of systems integrators has evolved from being a mere consultant to becoming a trusted advisor that helps companies understand their IT data in all-new ways.


Qrvey Helps IT Software Providers Level Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT analytics?

IT analytics involves collecting and analyzing data from IT infrastructure, systems, tools and processes to gain insights, monitor performance, improve services and support strategic decisions.

IT analytics improves performance monitoring, capacity planning, cost optimization and overall efficiency of IT systems, resources and processes through data-driven insights.

  • CIOs, IT directors, managers
  • IT operations, infrastructure, security teams
  • Software engineers, developers
  • IT service desks, support teams
  • Monitoring IT system availability, uptime, response times
  • Analyzing infrastructure usage trends to optimize resources
  • Reviewing IT spend and costs to reduce expenses
  • Measuring cybersecurity threats to mitigate risks
  • Quantifying business value of IT to demonstrate ROI
  • Optimizing IT processes like incident handling, change management
  • Identifying root causes of IT issues and outages
  • Predicting future IT resource needs based on demand forecasts
  • Automating reporting on IT KPIs like system response time, user satisfaction