The Importance of User Adoption

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The Importance of User Adoption

Every SaaS application provider strives to make the best decisions possible and having all of the relevant data is a crucial element to achieve that goal. As our world moves increasingly to the cloud and becomes vastly more interconnected, the volume, variety and velocity of the data being generated creates a growing mountain of dark data that cannot be analyzed by traditional means.

What if your analytics got smarter?

Humans have always been at the center of data analysis, but with today’s machine learning technologies this doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, the case. With Qrvey, your data is constantly monitored and analyzed, surfacing trends, outliers and user-defined events without anyone having to lift a finger.

But even with both of these advancements, user adoption still failed to gain traction and most users still struggled to find value. As a result, analytics were rarely used as intended.

What if your analytics came to you?

Those who need analytics the most, often don’t have the time to seek them out. That’s why embedding analytics into other applications isn’t enough to spur adoption. What users really need are analytics that are smart enough to send alerts and notifications only when the data and conditions require. With Qrvey, you don’t need to experience the same meaningless reports emailed to you every Monday. You can choose to be alerted to what matters to you, when it matters.

What if your analytics could act?

At Qrvey, we believe the future of analytics is in the automation layer, not in the visualization layer. By combining powerful automation and machine learning technologies, Qrvey can act on the trends and patterns it sees, and take action. By combining analytics and automation, models can be tested, changes can be made and systems can be updated without human interaction. This self-optimizing cycle finally delivers on the promise of data-driven decision making and puts it in the hands of every business user.

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