Consultants are an integral part of how enterprise software gets built and deployed. They help companies identify opportunities, then build and deploy targeted solutions faster and better than their clients could do on their own. But consultancies are always faced with a unique set of challenges.

Unlike the fixed products and services offered by ISVs, consultancies mainly provide their services on an ad-hoc basis, which means their revenue is always limited by the size of their staff and the number of hours they can offer. Many times, the services offered by consultants are seen as a commodity, which increases competition and keeps prices low. What consultants are ultimately looking for is servware… high-value, customized solutions that can be built quickly and replicated across multiple clients and applications. Servware provides consultants with their usual pay-per-service revenue, but also adds regular, recurring subscription revenue as well. This allows firms to maximize their revenue potential, even with limited resources.

Consultancies that make the strategic move to offer servware, increasingly show more interest to Qrvey for their data and analytic needs. Qrvey is uniquely positioned to give consultants all of the technologies they need to rapidly build highly customizable analytics solutions for their clients that provide self-service capabilities for the end users.

It all starts with the Qrvey core technologies, which include Data Router for data collection and transformations, and Qrvey analytics, a fast, scalable and reliable platform that takes advantage of all the latest cloud and machine learning technologies. Next, Qrvey adds a no-code interface that makes building and using applications easy enough for anyone to master. And Qrvey includes a unique deployment model that keeps consults and their clients in control of their data and infrastructure.

But even more important than Qrvey’s platform is our business model, which includes specifically designed pricing and licensing that’s aligned with the business needs of consultants. Qrvey empowers consultants to deliver analytic servware like never before. We even make it easy to get started with a free trial.

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