To be competitive as a SaaS company, it’s vital that you stay informed about, well, just about everything. You need to know about new technologies. You need to follow industry trends and thought leaders. And you need to always stay one step ahead of your competition. These are not easy tasks, as they require constant time, energy and effort if you want to perform them well. That’s why for the past 14 years, the embedded analytics industry has relied on respected analysts like Dresner Advisory Services to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry and help distill what features and technologies matter most in our industry and who all of the major players are. 

That’s why we’re honored to announce that Qrvey has been ranked in Dresner’s 2021 Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, part of their “Wisdom of Crowds” series of research. In their study, Dresner reached out to hundreds of companies and evaluated over 20 embedded analytics vendors, ranking them on their features, functionality and clout within the industry. 

In our debut appearance in the study, Qrvey was able to secure a top spot as one of the industry’s leading vendors, beating out a dozen well-established, legacy players. 

While this is the first time Qrvey has been included in a major industry round up from Dresner, it certainly won’t be the last. We’ve been actively briefing analysts and experts across the industry, bringing them up to speed on all of the progress our platform has made over the past year. The responses have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging as Qrvey continues to lead the industry with modern embedded analytics on AWS that are built exclusively for SaaS companies. 

We encourage everyone in the SaaS industry to download a complimentary copy of Dresner’s market study and see how their embedded analytics efforts and initiatives stack up against the industry and their competitors. 

Click here to get a complimentary copy of Dresner’s 2021 Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study.


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